First Congregational Church, 1638 - 1960

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1638 - Town of Hampton - 1960

Sketch of the Congregational Church

127 Winnacunnet Road

This church and town were founded in the year 1638 by a group of English settlers under the leadership of Rev. Stephen Bachiler. The second and third pastors were Timothy Dalton and John Wheelwright, who were succeeded by other great men of God. For 322 years, the Gospel has been proclaimed here, and the church has been a living and vital force for good in Hampton.

The present church building was erected in 1844, and is the sixth meeting house. Its beautiful old pulpit, however, dates from the previous building in 1796. Ancient communion silver belonging to this church may be seen in the Historical Museum in Concord, N.H. The antique violincello in the narthex case was the first musical instrument used in our church.

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