Sununu: Hampton Army Veteran Dedicated To His Flag, Country

Congressman Presents John Holman With Stars & Stripes
Flown Over The U.S. Capitol In His Honor

The New Hampshire Legionnaire

September/October 2002

Congressman John B. Sununu presents John M. Holman with flag flown over the U.S. Capitol in his honor.
[Courtesy photo]
Thursday, June 6, 2002 -- HAMPTON, NH — Congressman John B. Sununu (R-NH) honored the dedicated patriotism of Hampton Army Veteran John Holman at a May 31st ceremony in Hampton where he presented Holman with an American flag flown over the U.S. Capitol in his honor.

"John Holman's quiet acts of patriotism through the years illustrate a strong devotion to our country that deserves recognition and respect. It was truly an honor to meet him and present him with a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol in his honor," said Sununu, following the flag presentation at the Marston Elementary School annual barbecue in Hampton. "Through the years, he has taken it upon himself to make sure that American flags on the graves of the town's veterans are well cared for, and if they become worn or missing he replaces them."

"John also takes special care to ensure that the street sign plaques named after deceased veterans always have an American flag flying in their brackets," Sununu continued. "When terrorists attacked our country on September 11, he helped Hampton display its patriotism by informing town residents where they could obtain an American flag. His next project is arranging the town's Flag Day Observation on June 14."

Local and school officials, students as well as friends of Holman and his wife Connie were on hand to watch him receive the flag and its accompanying certificate from Sununu, which reads:

"This flag was flown in honor of John Holman in recognition of your service to our country in the United States Army, as a Veteran and Member of American Legion Post #35 and with grateful thanks for your appreciation of the American Flag and all that is symbolizes."

Liz Premo, one of Holman's friends present at the ceremony, elaborated on his dedication to his country, noting, "his steadfast patriotism is an example to all who know and love him. He flies our beloved flag proudly, whether it's in his front yard or his heart. He is a true patriot, a true American, and true friend."

Premo also highlighted Holman's extensive volunteer service to the community noting, "He is a local historian as well, with a wealth of knowledge about the Hampton area. In fact, he has compiled histories on our police and fire departments, and presented to both department chiefs, photographs, outlining the history of our departments."

"He is active in community service in many, many ways. He (along with his wife, Connie), visits local senior citizens in nursing homes, gathering them in community rooms and playing their favorite music on the piano while they sing along," she continued. "He's active in his American Legion Post #35, and has been a regular contributor to the newspaper for which I work, the Atlantic News. He also volunteers at the Lane Memorial Library in Hampton, putting up historical and currents news articles on the library's Hampton History web site [], and generally keeping the library staff in stitches with his sense of humor."

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