100 Youngsters At Christmas Party

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American Legion Post 35 Holds Annual Party

Hampton Union, Thursday, December 22, 1960

The American Legion Post 35 of Hampton held its annual Christmas party for all members' children at the Legion Hall, Exeter Road, Sunday, December 18, 1960, with about 100 children and 25 parents attending.

The party opened with an address of welcome by Post Commander John I. Hale, Jr. Following the address, the children participated in a peanut hunt and a peanut scramble. Christmas carols were sung by the children accompanied by Mrs. Eugene Chambers at the piano.

Professor Wylie, master magician, of Rye, entertained the children with his feats of magic and sleight-of-hand tricks. Sound movies were also enjoyed throughout the party.

Santa Claus made his entrance with an overflowing pack of goodies on his back for the children. Filled Christmas stockings and balloons were distributed by Santa as he talked with each and every child around a gaily decorated Christmas tree.

Another Year ... Another Legion Christmas Party

SANTA CAME EARLY -- Santa Claus visited a Christmas party in Hampton Sunday to distribute gifts to the children of members of ther American Legion Post 35. Adults who looked on seemed to enjoy the festivities as much as the children. They were, from left to right, William Logan, John Holman, Fred Littlefield, John Gambole and Richard J. Kirwan, post commander.

Master of Ceremonies John Holman assists Santa Claus
(Robert Webber) with distribution of toys at another Legion
Christmas party of unknown date.

Refreshments were enjoyed by all children with coffee and cake being served to the parents and committee members.

Candy canes were given to each child as the party came to a close.

Legionnaire Thomas Murphy of Exeter Road, donated a box of fancy apples which were used in the Christmas stockings.

Members comprising the committee are as follows: Bernard Barteau, chairman; John M. Holman, master of ceremonies; Allen Knight, Don Harmon, Ray McComb, Eugene Heal, and Joe Pierce.

The huge Christmas tree was given by Eugene Heal.

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