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Hampton Union

Thursday, February 11, 1943

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

HAMPTON -- Much progress is being made by those serving for the Hampton Chapter Bundles for America, and the workers on surgical dressings for the Red Cross at the weekly meetings held in American Legion Hall each Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with Mrs. Ora Perkins sewing chairman for the "Bundles" and Mrs. Bernice Palmer in charge of the Red Cross work.

Quilts and mittens as well as some special work was done at the meeting of the "Bundles" last week and the new type bandages are being made by the workers on surgical dressings.

Besides those meeting weekly in the hail, there are many workers sewing at home, who are doing considerable work. Among these are Mrs. Sarah M. Lane, who has completed 16 bathrobes, Mrs. Joseph C. Kennedy has completed 12 bathrobes, Mrs. John French has completed 11 bathrobes and Miss Annie E. Akerman has completed three.

The "Bundles" are planning to hold a food sale in the near future and other activities and it is expected that at the business meeting this week at 3 o'clock committees will be named and other announcements will be made. There have been four sewing machines donated for use in the hall for the sewers, and more could be used. Four floor lamps are needed for the service men in this area and anyone having one or more should call Mrs. Alfred Rosser, chairman of the branch.

Wednesday evenings the chaperones attend the weekly dances for service men here. Last week the chaperones were Mrs. Rosser, Mrs. Elisabeth Howe, Mrs. Melville Odiorne, and Mrs. Annie W. Grenier.

A hot fish chowder was served at last week's luncheon hour, by Mrs. Scott Paul and declared delicious. This was a welcome change from the cold lunches brought each Wednesday from home.

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