Boy Scouts of America Troop 177 2006 Goals

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Hampton, New Hampshire

December 27, 2005

SUBJECT: Troop Goals for 2006:

During the Troop Annual Planning Conference conducted today, the leaders of the Troop set the objectives listed below as goals for the next year.

1. Advancement: A minimum of 80% of the Scouts in the Troop below the rank of 1st Class should advance at least one rank this year. At least 75% of the Scouts who join the troop this year should advance to tenderfoot. At least 50% of the Scouts 1s` Class and above should advance at least one rank this year.

2. Merit Badge Program: The Troop needs to continue its merit badge program during meetings and summer camp and to provide opportunities for Scouts to work on merit badges during their own time.

3. Outdoor Program:
a. The Troop needs to continue its year round emphasis on camping, hiking, canoeing, and other outdoor activities with a goal of at least 50% participation. We will schedule a back packing trip and a canoe trip. b. We will continue our more rigorous outdoor program for Scouts who have achieved the 1s` Class rank which will be in addition to the regular Troop program. Participants will have scheduled meetings to plan these events. Our goal is to have a quarterly "high adventure" event.

4. Membership: The Troop needs to attract more members. While our current Scouts will have to be recruiters, we need to ensure that we conduct a good transition for Webelos who want to become Scouts. Patrols should attempt to grow to eight members. We will develop a special recruiting program. As a part of our recruiting effort, we will establish a publicity program with the goal of having a monthly presence in local newspapers. The monthly input should include both an article and a picture. We will have a plan in place by the February Greenbar meeting to implemented by March.

5. Uniform Program: We must encourage our Scouts to wear the full uniform, understanding that we may have to help those who may not be able to afford it. Scouts must have a complete uniform before they may use their Troop fund assets to buy other equipment. Uniform inspections will be used as a part of our patrol competition. We will add the Scout Handbook as an inspection point.

6. Troop Spirit: We need to improve Troop spirit. We will do so through fun activities and team challenges. Outdoor activities will contribute to this goal. We will continue our quarterly patrol competition. We will also include patrol competition on every Troop campout.

7. Troop Campsite: We will continue to improve our campsite with pioneering projects. We will also continue our work to get rid of the poison ivy in our camp. We will set goals for improvement and maintenance before every campout at Hampton Falls.

8. Troop Adventure Trip: As a part of our outdoor program we will plan a special four day trip for the entire troop during the month of August. We will solicit suggestions from the Troop in January and make a proposal in February.

9. Service to Others: We will accomplish at least four service projects in 2006. One of these will be the Scouting for Food Program. A second will be the ongoing Adopt a Highway Program. We will also assist the Walk for Juvenile Diabetes and the Eastern States 20 Mile Run. We will be responsive to other opportunities for service.

10. National Camping Award: We will try to achieve the Bronze level of the National Camping Award by spending at least 20 nights camping as a Troop in the next year. We will conduct 8 weekend campouts in addition to our annual summer camp. We will also promote recognition of Scouts and Scouters who have camped 100 nights since 1 January 1991.

11. Support for Eagle Scout Candidates: We will provide needed support for those Scouts who have achieved the rank of Life and who wish to complete their trail to Eagle.

12. Participation: 67% of our Scouts will be active attending at least 75% of Troop meetings, 50% of Troop outings, and 50% of Troop service hours.

13. Quality Unit: We will achieve the Quality Unit designation for 2007.

14. Unit of Honor: We will achieve the Daniel Webster Council Unit of Honor designation for 2006.

15. National Honor Patrol Award. The Frontiersmen, Screaming Eagles, Flaming Arrows, and Abnakis have all committed themselves to achieve the National Honor Patrol Award. The Frontiersmen have set their goal as April 2006. The Screaming Eagles have a goal of June 2006. The Flaming Arrow goal is July 2006. The Abnakis have September 2006 as their goal.

/s/ Dan Pierson /s/ Douglas S. Aykroyd DAN PIERSON DOUGLAS S. AYKROYD Senior Patrol Leader Scoutmaster Troop 177 Troop 177
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