American Legion Post 35 of the Hamptons Photo Gallery

The Legion Hall [formerly Grange Hall]

Past and Present

Aerial photo of the town center
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Aerial view of the center of Hampton, looking east, sometime between 1925 and 1928. Coming from the bottom of the picture is Exeter Road, passing over the railroad bridge and meeting Lafayette Road / Route One in the center of the photo. The street going from the town center towards the top of the picture is High Street, and Dearborn Avenue branches off from that towards the upper left. At bottom left is Lamie's Tavern, with a lumber company just north of it, and on the other side of Exeter Road from Lamie's is the train station. A gazebo used as a bandstand can be seen in the Depot Square. This bandstand was constructed in 1925 after a fund-raising campaign led by barber Chester Marston. Concerts were held on Monday nights from 7 until 8:30 PM, ending in time for the 8:40 P.M. electric car back to the Beach. Further up High Street the old barn of Frank Mason (formerly a saw mill) is in its original location opposite the end of Dearborn Avenue before it was moved in early 1929 to become the new home of the Oceanside Grange Hall. The large building in the upper middle of the photo is the shoe factory.

Aerial view of Hampton center in the 1930s. This was taken sometime after the new post office was built in Depot Square in 1931. Other recent changes that took place in the early thirties are the razing of the lumber company buildings just to the north of Lamie's Tavern (complex of buildings in the center of the picture) and the move of the Oceanside Grange Hall (top center) to its new location in 1928-29. The Grange Hall was constructed from Frank Mason's barn, which had been moved from its former location behind and to the west of the new spot. The railroad water tower is another local landmark that has recently disappeared. Roads in the picture include Exeter Road coming from the bottom of the photo. Exeter Road meets with Route One/Lafayette Road which cuts across the upper center of the photo from side to side, and High Street angles away towards the top. The railroad tracks parallel Route One.

Outside view of theatre
Hampton Theatre in its hey day
from Oct. 2, 1942 to Mar. 31, 1951.

Legion Hall in 1965
1965 Legion Post #35 Hall
(formerly Grange Hall)
69 High Street

Hampton Legion Hall in 2002
2002 Legion Hall, 69 High Street, Hampton, NH
[Photo by John Hirtle, Atlantic News.]
The Grange Hall before it became the Legion Hall.
[Photo courtesy John M. Holman]
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American Legion Post 35 Hall
& Fire Station No. 2 in 1938
132 Winnacunnet Road