Memorial Day Service Invocation & Benediction

By Lynn A. Davis

Patchogue, New York



Today we are here to honor those that have served our country and given their lives so that we may stand here and still live in freedom. We need to be constantly reminded of our gift of freedom and of those who gave all to make sure future generations continue to know life in a free, democratic society.

Remembering those who have passed is only half of the task that is before us today. We must also carry their love, honor and duty forward to the future generations that will pass. Our children must know who they were, what they did and why they did it. To do anything less, will be a disservice to their sacrifice and their memories.

Those that are gone created a clear pathway for us to continue on -- we must never waiver from that path of freedom and democracy. Take their memories, take their dreams and walk forward shouldering the cause of freedom -- carry it high and proud, they did and now you must walk forward for them and for our children.


We remember today all those who have come before us and given the greatest gift to our democratic nation -- their lives. Their duty, their honor and their lives are precious gifts that must be given to the future of our country and our families.

The duty of our veterans past and present is the fiber of the word freedom and is stronger by our recognition of service and sacrifice. We honor that service and sacrifice today and should carry it forward for our children to honor. Freedom and democracy are the result of all of the most honorable this country as produced. Today we stand to remember the most honorable amongst us and we must continue to carry the burden of their sacrifice, lest we lose sight of what true freedom is.

Today is for remembering - - stand in honor of them, walk in their path of duty, remember the cost, and hold in your heart the cause of freedom.

We remember today, Memorial Day, our Veterans.


A is for Army, they know their stuff;
M is for Marines, they really are tough;
E is for Eagles, the force of the air;
R is for righteousness and all that's fair;
I is for invisible, that's our Navy at sea;
C is for Coast Guard, efficient as can be;
A is for America, whose flag is unfurled,
that describes America folks,
the best in the world.

[Written by Ann Caswell, Rye, N.H., 60 years ago during WW II]