D-Day Photographs -- June 6, 1944

Courtesy Photos: Emperial War Museum,
Royal Marines Museum & Magnum

#1 -- Early June, 1944. A woman hangs out the washing in an English south coast town.
Behind her the road is lined with military vehicles.
#2 -- American infantrymen try to find room on a cramped landing ship, 5 June 1944.
#3 - British soldiers aboard a landing craft, find some amusement in a travel guide to France.
#4 - Eisenhower addresses troops of the US 101st Airborne Division
('The Screaming Eagles'), as they prepare to take off from
Greenham Common Airbase on the evening of 5 June 1944.
#5 - (Top photo:) Assault troops of the US 1st Division shelter behind beach obstacles
and the few tanks which made it ashore at 'Bloody' Omaha,
on the morning of 6 June 1944.
(Bottom photo:) Marines of the morning of the Special Service Brigade landing
at St. Aubin-sur-Mer, 6 June 1944.
#7 - The scene at sea on D-Day, pictured from the US beaches.
#8 - Marines of 46 Commando RM advancing through La Delivrande from Sword Beach to Caen, 8 June 1944.