Hampton Beach Lifeguards

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Front row, left to right: Fred Polcari, Ernie Rainey, Joe Preston.
Back row: Don Connors, Bill Gilligan, Sam Hoyt, Henry Stone.
[The Beachcomber, August 10, 1949, page 1 -- Courtesy Joyce Grandmaison]
Lifeguards At Hampton Beach
Hampton Beach Lifeguards, August 1949 & other Lifeguard photographs
Lifeguards Prepare For Whatever The Summer Brings
By Megan Sobchuk, Hampton Union, June 6, 2003
If Not Already, Hampton Lifeguards Become 'Family' By Summer's End
By Steve Craig, Hampton Union, June 24, 2003
Hampton Beach Lifeguards
Story & Photos by Virginia Hatch, Hampton Union, August 13, 2003
Some Beaches Might Go Unwatched This Summer
Herald Sunday, May 24, 2009
Longtime Hampton Lifeguard Jimmy Donahue Receives Honor
Hampton Union, August 21, 2009
Lifeguard tower at Hampton Beach named for Jimmy Donahue
Hampton Union, December 22, 2009
Honor for Lifeguard Chief
Hampton Union, January 6, 2012
Honoring 50 Years of Service
Hampton Union, February 28, 2012