Hampton Beach Lifeguards

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Front row, left to right: Fred Polcari, Ernie Rainey, Joe Preston.
Back row: Don Connors, Bill Gilligan, Sam Hoyt, Henry Stone.
[The Beachcomber, August 10, 1949, page 1 -- Courtesy Joyce Grandmaison]
Lifeguards At Hampton Beach
Hampton Beach Lifeguards, August 1949 & other Lifeguard photographs
Lifeguards Prepare For Whatever The Summer Brings
By Megan Sobchuk, Hampton Union , June 6, 2003
If Not Already, Hampton Lifeguards Become 'Family' By Summer's End
By Steve Craig, Hampton Union , June 24, 2003
Hampton Beach Lifeguards
Story & Photos by Virginia Hatch, Hampton Union , August 13, 2003
Some Beaches Might Go Unwatched This Summer
Herald Sunday , May 24, 2009
Longtime Hampton Lifeguard Jimmy Donahue Receives Honor
Hampton Union , August 21, 2009
Lifeguard tower at Hampton Beach named for Jimmy Donahue
Hampton Union , December 22, 2009
Honor for Lifeguard Chief
Hampton Union , January 6, 2012
Honoring 50 Years of Service
Hampton Union , February 28, 2012
Guardians of the beach stand watch in Hampton
Hampton Union , July 11, 2014