Old House, New Marker

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Special to the Atlantic News

Atlantic News, Friday, May 23, 2008

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News]

HOME SWEET HOME -- Sandra Kent is pictured here outside her Mace Road home, which was built in 1806 and now features an official house marker issued by the Hampton Heritage Commission.
[Atlantic News Courtesy Photo]

HAMPTON -- Members of the Hampton Heritage Commission recently visited the home of Sandra Kent at 111 Mace Road in Hampton to view the latest Hampton House Marker to be displayed.

Kent researched the origins of her home and found that although the exterior resembles a home built in the mid-19th century, it was actually built more than 200 years ago in 1806, and was remodeled to a Federal style sometime around 1850.

She was able to find information about the building in local history books and maps, as well as information about the Dow and Lamprey families who were past owners.

When originally built, the home had only four rooms, and three fireplaces (still working today) provided heat and a cooking area. The cellar floor was dirt and the foundation was constructed of boulders. In the middle of the basement is a large brick arch supporting the weight of the fireplaces and center chimney.

It is evident that the building timbers were hand-cut and many still retain pieces of the tree bark. Original wood panels on the walls are from single boards that measure 18-24 inches wide.

Kent acknowledged that maintaining an older home requires ongoing maintenance and can be a big undertaking. She admits that she loves living in an old house and she keeps on top of it by planning a few projects to do each year. She calls the work "a labor of love."

More information on the Hampton Heritage Commission Marker Program is available at www.town.hampton.nh.us/heritage; or, contact Maryanne McAden at mjmcaden@comcast.net.

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