The Lamprey - Chaplin House

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Little River Road, Hampton

Views and Reviews of Old Rockingham

By Roland D. Sawyer

Hampton Union, November 11, 1948

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

Lamprey - Chaplin House

This charming Cape Cod style house is said to be the first house built on Little River Road. It was built by John Lamprey, son of Lieutenant Daniel Lamprey about 1819  or 1820. His two sons, Jonathan Godfrey Lamprey and Jason Lamprey both occupied the house in 1893 when the History of Hampton was published. See pages 790, 793 and 794.

Jonathan Godfrey Lamprey’s son Philip Lamprey was born 26 October, 1866 and married in 1889 Miss Minnie Davis, of Offspring, Wisconsin. Philip evidently became owner of the property as his widow Minnie Lamprey sold the homestead to Eugene M. Leavitt, who on July 18, 1925 sold to Flava Lamey. On 30 April, 1947, Mrs. Flava Lamey Sheffroth sold to Mr. and Mrs. Burt O. Chaplin, the present owners.

The house is charming in construction lines, and Mr. and Mrs. Chaplin, both lovers of antiques and old houses, have redecorated the interior to some extent, and plan to do much more to restore it to its original features, and in the near future to open up the fireplace in the living room. They also plan to beautify the grounds in keeping with the 1820 period.

The house has an artistic extension at either end. On the east a fish house from Rye Beach was some years ago moved here and joined to that side, in the further end of which Mr. Chaplin has his work shop. These additional rooms were probably added when the brothers occupied the house.

The old well stands near beautiful great elm trees, said to have been planed when he house was built.

Mr. and Mrs. Chaplin, natives of Maine, formerly purchased the Samuel Brown place on Landing Road, and restored the house, which was built in 1768, to its original condition.

Loving the old Lamprey house as the Chaplins do it is bound to retain its charm of the past, and be a delight to all who see it.

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