Historic Homes, Barns and Other Buildings in Hampton, New Hampshire

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How to research the history of houses in Hampton

Town Database of Property information on the buildings in town

Old Home Day, 1960-1962
Hampton, New Hampshire in 1841: An Inventory of Buildings
A 2003 Eagle Scout Project by Peter Argue
Hampton Village Intersection Improvement Project
A 2003 historical survey of the land and buildings on the west side of the center of Hampton. Special attention to the Philbrick house at 22 Exeter Road and the old service station building in Depot Square. (Large pdf file)
Exeter Road West Study, 1990
Historical survey done on the houses and other buildings on the western end of Exeter Road, from shortly before the Route 101 onramp all the way out to Bride's Hill. (Large pdf file)
This section of Mill Road once known as "Blakeville" was home to many Blake families.
The Hampton fish houses
The Old Blake Coopershop
Story of the 1999 move of this historic old cooper shop. Also read this story .
Garrison House in the Spotlight
The old Bound House, Hampton's first structure, built in the part of town now Seabrook
Early Homes of Our Ancestors
Descriptions of the homes of the earliest Hampton settlers
Hampton, New Hampshire in 1841: An Inventory of Buildings
This project was put together by Hampton Eagle Scout Peter Argue with the help of other scouts and local historians. In 1841 a map of Hampton showing every building in town and their owner was produced, and this project was designed to offer photos and historical information on all mapped buildings that are still in existence today.
Hampton's Historic "Ring"
A map and walking tour of old houses and historic sites in the old center of town.
The Shoreline in Hampton
Anecdotes about old homes belonging to the Page, Marston and Dearborn families of Hampton
Winthrop Sanborn House Was Part Of Original Hampton "Ring"
Hampton News-Review , December 30, 1970
A Little Unsettled , Another Hampton Nudd House being moved the 3rd time.
The Portsmouth Herald , November 3, 1966
Historical Nudd Homestead To Be Restored In New Location
Hampton Union, April 14, 1971, By John M. Holman, Hampton Historical Society ,
Wingate-Toppan Garrison House
A Visit to the Toppan Garrison House
Article by John Holman
Hampton's Oldest Houses
From the Official Souvenir Program Book of the town's 350th anniversary in 1988
Trolley Car House
The home at 303 Mill Road that was made out of an abandoned trolley car
The Albert Degen House
259 Mill Road, Hampton
The Lamprey-Chaplin House
Little River Road, Hampton
The Garland Homestead
Winnacunnet Road, Hampton
The Philbrick Homestead and Garrison House
271 Winnacunnet Road, Hampton
Barns Receive Abatements
By Steve Jusseaume, Hampton Union , June 6, 2003
The James House
Hampton's Historic James House Redesigns Web Site -- Hampton Union , May 9, 2006
James House -- A Proud Past, A Well-planned Future -- Atlantic News , May 5, 2006
Unitil Helps James House Move Ahead -- Atlantic News , September 30, 2005
Group Works To Preserve Historic Home, Gardens -- Hampton Union , September 30, 2005
James House Doing Historic Landscape -- Hampton Union , April 15, 2005
James House Landscape Project Rooted In History -- Atlantic News , February 18, 2005
James House Land Survey Goes Underground -- Atlantic News , January 14, 2005
James House Puts Grant Award To Work -- Atlantic News , November 11, 2004
Website of the James House National Historic Site
Historic 'Drakeside Road' Barn
Stories about the old ca. 1796 barn removed from its original location on Drakeside Road to its new home near the Tuck Museum
Former Franklin Pierce summer home
422 High Street
1819 Shaw House on Lafayette Road
The old Marston Homestead
The 'Craymore' -- the Chester Grady home
Widow Mary Leavitt House
234 Lafayette Road
The Knowles-White House in Hampton
24 Locke Rd
Royale Shores Condominiums
377 Ocean Blvd
Historic House Signs
See also, Program Marks Hampton History -- Historic signs may be purchased from the Hampton Heritage Commission on houses older than 50 years from the link on the town's Web site at www.hamptonnh.gov.
Atlantic News , February 2, 2007
Historic Marker Program Application
52 Little River Road , Atlantic News , September 21, 2007
111 Mace Road . Atlantic News , May 23, 2008
Nathaniel Batchelder House, 60 Park Ave. , Atlantic News , Sept. 5, 2008

Moulton House

[See more of General Jonathan Moulton House.]