"Blakeville" in Hampton, N.H.

From Atlantic News 350th Commemorative Edition, July 5, 1988

One older interesting section of the Town of Hampton was always known as BLAKEVILLE.

The area was the present Mill Road between Ann's Lane and Watson's Lane. Also the present Barbour Road (formerly "Black Swamp Road") and White's Lane (formerly "Jonty's Lane").

This area, Blakeville, was so named because most of its inhabitants had the last name of "Blake". They were direct descendants of a founding family. There is a Blake stone located in Founders Park (on Park Avenue) dated 1650. The Stone is from descendants of Blake families living there. Some of these descendants are living in the original Blake homes and properties.


Look at the [above] map to see the original locations of the Blake homes. Many of these houses are still standing. Some of them have changed hands several times. They were for the most part well built and they still depict early rural life in Hampton. Most of these homes had barns, chicken houses, plowed and tilled fields, fruit trees and gardens.

Some Blakes were fishermen, some were farmers and some worked at trades.

John Colby Blake and Benjamin Blake were brothers. They walked their cows daily to pastures off Jonty's Lane (now White's Lane). Benjamin also worked in the carriage business. Benjamin died in 1962.

Charles Blake was a fisherman and made lobster traps. He lobstered from Hampton Harbor into the 1950's. Merrill Blake, a descendant of Charles, is still today a fisherman.

Fred Blake worked for the railroad and he had a Blacksmith Shop on Black Swamp Road (now Barbour Road). The shop is still standing and is today a home. Fred died at a young age in the 1930's.

Some of the remaining Blake descendants living in Hampton and Blakeville (in 1988) are: Lester Blake, Hollis Blake, Wallace Blake, Shirley Blake McRae, Leston Perkins, Carl Perkins, Jewell Sherburne Brown, Arthur Brown, Julia Brown Simpson, daughter Jenny, Gail Blake Carrigan, daughters Laurie and Kimberly, Betty Blatchford, Joyce Blatchford, Merrill Blake, sons Richard and Merrill, Susan Place Pizon, sons Justin and Brent, Phyllis Blake Thompson, Richard Hosley, Beth Provencher, sons Adam and Brianne, Timothy Brown, Fred Sherburne, Paul Sherburne, Laura Sherburne, Nancy Blake Hedman, Donald Hedman, children: Sarah, Jennifer and Daniel, Michael Hedman, sons Joseph and Josiah, David Hedman and Mark Hedman.

Mabel Blake, husband Levi Blake was a shoemaker; John Colby Blake, a farmer; Benjamin Blake, worked in Amesbury, Massachusetts "carriage business" and farmer; Emmons Blake, Levi Blake, father of Charles Blake, both fishermen; Charles Blake is Hollis Blake's uncle; Lucinda Blake, Arthur Blake, a stone mason; Joseph Blake, a farmer; Harold Blake, Telephone company; Gertrude Blake Sherburne; George Blake, a farmer, Orlando Blake; Fred Blake, a blacksmith and worked on the railroad; Lester Blake, caretaker; Sarah Blake Barbour, oldest house on Black Swamp Road (now Barber Road).

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