Special Town Meeting April 7 To Discuss Rebuilding Of Hall Loss Set at $30,000 As Saturday Fire Guts Town Hall

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Hampton Union, Thursday, April 7, 1949

A special town meeting to see what action the voters of Hampton wish to take about building a new town building will be held this evening in the High school auditorium at 7:30 p. m.

Ever since the disastrous fire swept the Town Hall on Saturday morning, March 19, completely gutting the 152 year old structure, public interest has run high regarding a new municipal building.

For many years the old Town Hall Auditorium had proved inadequate for the greatly increased attendance at local affairs, with the result that most community programs have been held in the high school auditorium. This, of course, has lead to an overcrowding of the schedule for the high school auditorium during the greater part of the year and confliction of dates between school and community functions.

At least three clubs in Hampton have expressed an interest in having a community room included in the new town hall, if and when it is built, to accommodate local clubs and boys' and girls' organizations that at present have no place to meet.

Two provisions have been presented to the Board of Selectmen in favor of this idea, one by the Mothers Circle, signed by 50 mothers and wives of Hampton, and one by the Garden Club, having over twenty signers. The Hampton Monday Club went on record Monday as favoring the suggestion and has presented the Selectmen with a copy of its resolution.

While there will be many plans and ideas brought forth at tonight's special meeting, it is generally agreed that no action can be taken but to appoint a Building Committee to secure plans and estimated construction costs of a type of building the voters wish to consider.

Meanwhile construction of a temporary building for town offices is being rushed and is expected to be completed shortly. The attractive 20 by 20 frame structure will be situated on the land adjacent to the site of the old town hall.

Building wreckers have completed the clearing of the charred outer walls and belfry, all that was left of the old town hall, and a wooden structure will be built over the vault, which is not weather proof.

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