Hampton Fireman's Relief Auxiliary Association

History of the Hampton Fire Department

A tradition of service, courage and pride

Courtesy of Atlantic News & Advertiser

January 10, 1984

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In 1959 an organization called "The Firemen's Relief Auxiliary Association," was formed in line with the Hampton Fire Department.

The purpose of this organization was primarily for the members of the Hampton Fire Department, and secondary, for the relief of others as so needed. Members were the immediate families of the Fire Department with the right to remain a member until the male member left the department. Monthly meetings were held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, unless declared otherwise by the governing body.

This group was very active in aiding the Fire Department for many years. In 1974 a change within the organization promoted new By-Laws and a new name titled "Hampton Firefighters' Relief Auxiliary." As to date there is no record to show the end or existance of this Auxiliary, but a well known group called the "Hampton Beach Women's Club" has taken an active role in aiding the members of the Hampton Fire Department.

The following is a list of membership during 1964-1965:
Barbara Myers, Connie Ward, Bobbie Cann, Diana LaMontagne, Betty Hart, Jo Ann Tilton, Jackie Hussey, Ann Burlington, Mae Bogaty, Betty Fitts, Sue Trofatter, Evelyn George, June Eaton, Phyllis LaDuke, Ruth Bragg, Myrna Cann, Alta Trofatter, Phyllis Stickney, Jeannette Linn.

November 10, 1964
The First meeting this year of the Hampton and Hampton Beach Firemen's Relief Auxiliary was held November 10th for 1964 with 13 members present and President Barbara Myers presiding. The Secretary's report was read and approved. A special meeting was held this past summer and a report on the meeting was read by Diana LaMontagne. The report mainly consisted of the matter of purchasing trophies for the Firemen's Muster. The Treasurers report was read and approved, there showed a balance of $68.68 in the checking account and $100.00 in the savings account.

Correspondence was read and thank-yous were received from Alta Trofatter, Fred Gagne and Family, Barbara Myers and Myrna Cann. An invitation was read from the Keene Ladies Auxiliary, and a letter from the Hampton Beach Childrens Christmas Fund Association asking for a donation. A motion was made and seconded to send $10.00 to the Childrens Christmas Fund Association.

Election of officers was held and they are as follows:
Sue Troffatter, President; Betty Hart, Vice President; Jeannette Linn, Secretary; and Ann Burlington, Treasurer. New officers assumed their duties immediately. New President Sue Troffatter presented out-going president Barbara Myers with a Past Presidents pin. Barbara Myers spoke on the possiblity of our making money with Stanley Products, after a discussion, a motion was made and seconded to table this matter until Spring.

The Christmas Party was discussed and it was decided that it would be held on our regular meeting night December 8th, with a supper, each member is to bring a guest and a gift for herself and her guest, for the Christmas tree. It was also decided that the Auxiliary would buy the Turkeys and the members would pay the rest of the cost of the dinner for herself and her guest. President Sue Trofatter appointed Evelyn George, Bobbie Cann, and Jackie Hussey to the supper committee, with the hopes that Chief Perley George would roast the turkeys.

A motion was made and seconded to write a letter to Mr. Perry Tarleton (Muster Foreman) to see if it would be possible for the Auxiliary to sell food at the next Muster that is held and all members were in favor with the motions, and was carried. A motion was made and seconded to adjourn.

J. Linn Sec....
Publicity -- Betty Hart
Refreshment Comm. -- Ann Burlington and Jeannette Linn
Sun-Shine -- June Eaton
November 12, 1964

An executive meeting was held at the home of President Sue Trofatter, with all four officers present. The years programs were discussed and also ways of improving membership and ways and means of enlarging our treasury. Lack of attendance was discussed and it was decided that if there was less friction on the part of all members who attend the meeting, then perhaps members who have not come for a long time might decide to come and take part. Money making projects were discussed and it was decided that the easiest and less expensive way of raising money was to hold bakery sales each and every month beginning December 1st if space would be available at the First National Store. It was also decided to buy presents for the past officers of the Auxiliary and that they would be presented at our Christmas Party, also that we would have a gift bought for Chief George to be presented to him also at the Christmas Party. Sue Trofatter named June Eaton to the Sunshine Committee Chairman.

Hampton and Hampton Beach Firemen's
Relief Association, Inc.

November 12, 1958 a Charter was founded to be the "Hampton and Hampton Beach Firemen's Association, Inc."

This organization was made up of Hampton Firefighters for the primary purpose of relief to its associates.

As a very active and social group, money was raised in many different fashions. Dues were paid by members and donations were accepted. Field burnings for town residents were at large, and a well accepted practice. They sponsored annual Ham & Bean suppers, Turkey suppers, and Lobster suppers, along with many unique raffles. Basketball games were a favorite past time with much support to fund raising.

The proceeds from these events were used in very good judgment. They supported the Hampton Boys Club, held Christmas parties for the children, displayed flowers for its past members and veterans. Furniture and appliances were purchased for the stations for the comfort of the men. A major role in their support was the maintenance of the Hand Tub Winnacunnet #1, and participation in many rewarding Firemen's Muster competitions. This Hand Tub is still today (1983) maintained by the Firemen's Relief Association. Today this group is still in existance, but not as active, with it's membership still consisting of all the Hampton Firefighters. A strong look into making this group more active, is taking place at this time.

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