Beach Hotel Gutted in Early Morning Fire

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Hampton Union, January 18, 1962

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

A two alarm fire with damage estimated by Fire Chief Perley George at $10,000 gutted the entire rear and destroyed the top floor of the Hotel Allen at 387 Ocean boulevard early this morning.

Chief George of the Hampton Fire department quickly summoned mutual aid for further assistance because of the many buildings in the thickly settled area. Fire departments from Hampton Falls, North Hampton and Portsmouth aided in fighting the blaze.

Fire fighters, badly hampered by the sub-freezing temperature which found the mercury hovering near the five degree mark, were highly complimented by Chief George and local citizens for the efficient way in which the fire was brought under control.

The recently purchased aerial ladder truck of the Hampton department more than proved its worth during the fire. The ladder was raised to approximately the 55 foot mark with firemen working in shifts atop the extension directing the hose downward on the top floor blaze. Thousands of gallons of water were poured onto the fire from three sides of the building.

Firemen looked like walking icicles after the first hour of fire fighting as the spray from the hoses coated their helmets and their coats with ice. In spite of the extremely hazardous ice conditions on the ladders and on the rear lower roof, Chief George reported no injuries among the fire fighters.

Workmen from the Allied New Hampshire Gas Co. and the Exeter and Hampton Electric Co. were called to the scene and along with Hampton police aided in the over-all combatting of the fire. Coffee was served local firemen by local neighbors.

Police Officer Bartlett Seavey was credited with discovery of the fire. On routine patrol, Officer Seavey immediately rang in the alarm and then awakened Mr. and Mrs. Emile Sigouin, owners of the Hotel Allen, who were inside when the blaze was discovered. Seavey also alerted the Gagnon and Battcock families living on each side of the flaming hotel. The Alarm was received from Box 27 at 1:13 a.m. with the all out being sounded at 3:43 a.m.

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