Photos from the 1950 Fire at Hampton Beach

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July 14, 1950

Courtesy of L. Branniff (All photos except No. 1)

{* As per memory and references of L. Branniff}

No. 1
People hurry to remove belongings from their homes as fire
quickly consumed everything in its path.
The aftermath of the 1950 conflagration.

No. 2
Playland Arcade, Ocean Boulevard
John Hines & John Walsh, ("The Two Jacks") owners.

No. 3
The Wesley Rooming House according to sign hanging from second floor.
This photo was taken directly across the street from fire No. 18 photo.
(Same pile of debris can be seen in both.) Probably on "C" Street.

No. 4
(same photo as No. 3)

No. 5
Cottages behind Ocean Boulevard showing man (right) with
"Indian tank" on back fighting the fire.

No. 6
Fire was stopped at the concrete wall between Ocean House (on left)
and Exeter & Hampton Electric Company. Junkins Candy Shop
would have been just to the right of the electric company.

No. 7
(l. to r.) Howard Johnson's take-out, Nelson's Fudge Shop and Mahoney's Lunch.
Men in white pants, shirts and aprons probably kitchen employees from these businesses.

No. 8
Howard Johnson's, Ocean Boulevard; firefighter in left foreground with what looks
likes "1" on his helmet is Fire Chief, George Lamott. (Compared this image to a
photo of Chief Lamott in Hampton Union several years after fire; same person.)

No. 9
Playland Arcade, Ocean Boulevard

No. 10
Howard Johnson's, Ocean Boulevard (next door to Playland Arcade).

No. 11
Cottages behind Ocean Boulevard.

No. 12
Unknown structure.

No. 13
Unknown structure.

No. 14
Cottages behind Ocean Boulevard.

No. 15
Unknown structure.

No. 16
Unknown structure.

No. 17
[Photo similar to photo No. 5]

No. 18
Flames and smoke coming from Playland Arcade, Ocean Blvd.

No. 19
[See Fire photo No. 2]

No. 20
Unknown structure

No. 21
Cottages behind Ocean Boulevard.

No. 22
Playland Arcade; burned out structure to left most like Dudley's.

No. 23
Howard Johnson's, Ocean Boulevard.

[For July 20, 1950 Hampton Union article on the 1950 fire, see
Beach Rebuilding Program
Gets Underway Following Fire

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