Joseph Dow's History of Hampton: Trustees of Hampton Academy

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Trustees of Hampton Academy

The following lists of trustees and teachers of the school have been carefully compiled from such meager data as could be obtained, no register having been kept; and in some cases, only approximate correctness is claimed.

[* The first permanent board.]
*Rev. Jonathan French, D.D.North Hampton1811-1856
  Rev. Jacob AbbottHampton Falls1811-1820
*James Leavitt, Esq.Hampton1811-1813, 1820-1837
  Edmund Toppan, Esq.Hampton1811
  Dr. John FoggNorth Hampton1811-1812
*Rev. Josiah WebsterHampton1811-1819, 1821-1837
  Richard PikeNewburyport1811-1812
  Capt. Thomas WardHampton1811-1812
  Hon. Christopher ToppanHampton1812-1819
  Capt. Samuel JamesHampton1812-1819
*Capt. Edmund JamesHampton1813-1834
  David GarlandHampton1813-1819
  Dea. John WeeksGreenland1820
*Maj. John LoveringHampton1820-1836
*Dr. Ebenezer LawrenceHampton1820-1852
*Josiah PageHampton1821-1831
*Moody StockmanHampton1821-1829
*Rev. Ephraim AbbottGreenland1821-1826
*Col. George WeeksGreenland1821-1827
*Rev. Luther F. Dimmick, D.D.Newburyport1821-1860
*Judge Timothy FarrarPortsmouth1821-1822, 1833-1851
*Francis Vose, ex officioHampton1821-1822
  Rev. Charles Burroughs, D.D.Portsmouth1824-1868
  Rev. Jacob CummingsHampton and Stratham1825-1836
  Nathan Crosby, Esq.Amesbury1828-1839
  Dea. John WingateStratham1826; died before 1833
Dr. Archelaus F. PutnamPortsmouth1832-1837
  Rev. Bezaleel SmithRye1836-1840
  Hon. Amos TuckHampton and Exeter1836-1870
  Thomas WardHampton1836-1861
  Rev. Sereno T. AbbottHampton Falls1837-1855
  Simeon B. ShawHampton1837-1871
  Rev. Erasmus D. EldridgeHampton1838-1851
  Col. Josiah DowHampton1838-1882
  Matthew Merriam, Esq.Seabrook and Newburyport1842-1865
  Rev. Solomon P. FayHampton1849-1854
  Timothy O. Norris, A.M.Hampton1851-1854
  John F. FrenchNorth Hampton1851-1860
  Rev. John ColbyHampton1855-1868
  Rev. Samuel J. Spalding, D.D.Newburyport1855-1892
  John DearbornHampton1860-1881
  Hon. Christopher S. ToppanPortsmouth1860-1862
  Joseph JohnsonHampton1861
  Dr. William T. MerrillHampton1861
  Dr. Charles H. SanbornHampton Falls1861-1882
  Rev. John O. BarrowsNorth Hampton1864-1868
  Rev. John W. DodgeHampton1865-1869
  George W. LaneHampton1870-1891
  Rev. James McLeanHampton1870-1873
  Rev. Thomas V. HainesNorth Hampton1873
  Christopher G. ToppanHampton1879
  John H. FoggHampton1881
  John W. F. HobbsNorth Hampton1887
  Rev. Walcott FayHampton (now of Westboro, Mass.)1886
  Joseph O.HobbsNorth Hampton1887
  Jacob T. BrownHampton1891
  Horace M. LaneHampton1891
  Jack SanbornHampton Falls1891

Rev. Samuel J. Spalding, D.D., was elected president of the board of trustees, March 25, 1868, succeeding Rev. Dr. Burroughs in that office and holding the position till his death, April 10, 1892. No member of the board has taken greater interest in the academy than hs Dr. Spalding -- on no one have the others leaned more heavily. Since the death of Mr. Tuck, long the judicious treasurer, Dr. Spalding has looked well to the financial interests of the institution. In attendance on the board meetings and school examinations, he has been constant, never omitting to send a letter of regret if necessarily absent. Failing health induced him to resign in 1891. Instead of accepting his resignation, the board voted him president for life.

At the same time when Dr. Spalding became president, Dr. Willliam T. Merrill was elected secretary, in place of Rev. John W. Dodge, who left Hampton that year for another pastorate. At the annual meeting of the trustees sin 1892, Dr. Merrill, who still continued secretary, was chosen president, and the principal, Mr. Jack Sanborn, secretary of the board.

[Photo left: Portrait contributed, as a testimonial of respect,
by the Schools and the Knights of Temperance.]

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