The History of the Congregational Church - Chapter 3

By Rev. John A. Ross

(Hampton: Printed for the Parish) - 1902

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Christian Endeavor Society

After a preliminary meeting at the house of Miss M. E. Locke, called to discuss the advisability of forming a Christian Endeavor Society, the organization was formed on November 1 9, 1888, at the house of the pastor, with ten members. This number was soon increased to nineteen, --fifteen active, three associate, one honorary. From the first, the active members have, in the alphabetical order of their names, served as leaders of the prayer meetings; and since 1889, when the society became part of the National Society, the uniform topics of the National Y. P. S. C. E. have been used. Until November, 1895, the meetings were held on week evenings; since that date they have been on Sunday evenings in the smaller room of the chapel, during the three-quarters of an hour before the church service. Active work was done by this society in organizing the Sea Side Christian Endeavor Union, November, 1892, of which Dr. C. P. Jackson, for a year and a half president of the Hampton Christian Endeavor Society, was the first president. The first public meeting of the Union was held in the Hampton Congregational Church, February 27, 1893. In 1894, a junior Christian Endeavor Society was formed, which did good work among the children, many of whom, as they grew older, joined the older society. The whole number of members enrolled in the Christian Endeavor Society of this church has been eighty-eight; the largest number at one time was forty-two. The chief cause of the varying number of the society has been removal from town,--thirty-four having thus been dropped from the roll; death has removed but five. Others for various reasons have ceased to be members and, when in 1898 the constitution was re-signed by all who wished to do so, the number of members was somewhat reduced. The present number of members is thirty,--twenty-two active, and eight associate. Four of the original members and four more of those joining early in 1889 are still active in the work. For several years the Missionary Outlook Meeting, held the first Sunday evening of each month, has has been under the care of the Endeavorers; they have also furnished leaders for the Thursday evening meetings during the pastor's vacation. At the monthly consecration meeting and on the Christian Endeavor anniversary day, collections are taken for missions. The rest of the money used is obtained from the monthly dues of the members and from an occasional entertainment. During fourteen years since the organization, the Christian Endeavor Society has contributed for missions, $211.34 ; for home church expenses, exclusive of those of the Endeavor Society, $228.17. Although the number of members has not been large, good work has been done that figures cannot indicate. The pastor has from the first considered the organization as helpful to the church, and given the workers his hearty sympathy and support.

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