Catalogue of the Members of the Church from the Formation of the Church -- The Earliest Years

The History of the Congregational Church

By Rev. John A. Ross

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Seaborn Cotton's Ministry

Henry Moulton Sarah Godfrey Mr. Drake Goodwife Dearborn Francis Page Goodwife Garland Thomas Philbrick Goodwife Lewis John Clifford, Jr. Goodwife Allen Goodwife Fifield Elizabeth Shaw Mrs. Dalton Goodwife Goodwife Sleeper Lieut. Noel Hannah Dow Goodwife Bachilder Mary Sanborn, wife of John Goodwife Drake

Male Members In Full Communion. Sept. 18, 1671

Seaborn Cotton Henry Robey Capt. Hussey Thomas Ward Godfrey Dearborn Thomas Coleman John Marriam John Clifford, Senr. William Fuller John Clifford, Jr. Abraham Perkins Mr. Stanyan Mr. Dalton John Cram Deacon Paige Thomas Webster Francis Paige Lieut. Swett Thomas Marston John Cass Henry Moulton Nathaniel Wear Thomas Sleeper Thomas Philbrook Robert Smith Isaac Perkins Samuel Fogg Henry Dow William Sanborn Isaac Godfrey

Female Members in Full Communion. Sept. 18, 1671

Frances Fuller Goodwife Philbrick, Senr. Sarah Perkins Goodwife Fifield Marah Perkins Goodwife Dow Mrs. Dalton Goodwife Sanborn Goodwife Drake Goodwife Smith Goodwife Dearborn, Jr. Goodwife Clifford, Senr. Goodwife Dearborn, Senr. Goodwife Clifford, Jr. Goodwife Garland Goodwife Cram Goodwife Lewis Goodwife Green Goodwife Walls Goodwife Swett Goodwife Allen Goodwife Cass Goodwife Marion Goodwife Shaw Goodwife Robey Goodwife Philbrick Goodwife Marston, Jr. Mrs. Stanyan (by letter) Goodwife Marston, Senr. Mrs. Colcord (by letter) Goodwife Hobbs Hannah Gow (by letter) Goodwife Palmer Margaret Bean Goodwife Bachilder Hannah Jennings Goodwife Sleeper
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