Street Railway Pavilion

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The Exeter News-Letter, Vol. LXIX - No. 16

Friday, April 21, 1899

The Casino in 1900
The Casino soon after completion in 1899.

The Exeter, Hampton and Amesbury Street Railway Company has leased 11 lots of the holdings of the Hampton Beach Improvement Company, on the sea frontage and below cottages now erected, and will have built immediately a pavilion, which for various purposes is an urgent need.

The designer and contracting building is Abbott L. Joplin, of Hampton. His plans show a 2 ½ story building of 36 by 200-feet, surrounded at the second floor level by a railed piazza, 15 feet broad, which will command an unobstructed view of the sea and marshes and a charming prospect far inland.

The pavilion will rest on a stone foundation,and the lower story will be level with the ground. Here will be numerous dressing rooms for bathers, a bicycle storage room, bowling alleys, billiard parlor, kitchen, dining rooms, etc.

A broad and easy stairway will lead by a nine-foot ascent to the main entrance in the second story, which will be mainly utilized for a cafe of 50 by 36 feet and a 75 by 31-foot hall for entertainments.

In the attic will be the quarters of the help.

The building will have a 200-foot frontage on the sea, and with its seven roof dormers, effective entrance and sweep of piazzas will be a desirable architectural addition to the beach, as it must prove a great convenience to patrons of the railway.

The preliminary work has begun, the lumber has been ordered, and the pavilion will be pushed to complete with all possible rapidity.

On portions of its leasehold the company will build cottages to rent.

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