1998 Appointment Calendar Photos

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Scenes of Historic Hampton

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{Photos courtesy William H. Teschek, Lane Memorial Library}

[Website compiled by John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer]

-- JANUARY 1998 --
A View Looking West on Exeter Road from Near the Town Center: The "Franklin House" hotel can be seen at right. It was built as a tavern in 1836 and ran as such until 1848. With the coming of the street railway in 1899, the previous owner's son reopened the hotel, remodeling it with electric bells and lights, telephones and central heat. It was later renamed the "Hampton House" and burned in the 1920s. The trolleys ran until May 1926.

-- FEBRUARY 1998 --
Playing baseball in the field behind the Hampton Beach Casino, early 1900s.

-- MARCH 1998 --
The Hampton Depot (train station), sometime after 1900: The bridge in the background is the current railroad bridge on Exeter Road near the town center.

-- APRIL 1998 --
Lindsay's Barber Shop and "Quick Lunch" Restaurant, ca. 1920-25: Located in the building that now houses Colt News Store on Lafayette Road (Route 1)

-- MAY 1998 --
A float in the 1925 Founders' Day Parade: Charles M. Batchelder is standing in the old Congregational Church pulpit, with James Perkins on the right and Fred B. French of North Hampton, on the left.

-- JUNE 1998 --
A Large Group of People Float Down the Hampton River by Gundalow. Date is unknown.

-- JULY 1998 --
At Right is the Second Hotel Radcliffe Which Was Built After the First Burned in 1901: It too burned in 1909 and was followed by a succession of hotels and even a theater. Today {1989} the Surf Hotel and Hudon's Restaurant are on this site. Beyond the Radcliffe in the far distance is the Hampton Beach Casino, the only building in this photo still standing.

-- AUGUST 1998 --
Tourists Sitting on an Upturned Dory: The large hotel is the original Ocean House, built in 1844 and destroyed by fire in 1885. It was the largest hotel ever built at Hampton Beach. It was located just north of today's {1989} Church Street. Cutler's Sea View House can be seen at right. This also was destroyed in the 1885 fire but was rebuilt and stayed in business for many years. It went through owners and name changes before burning down in 1985, 100 years after the first fire.

Early 1900s: The harvesting of salt meadows commenced in late summer and ended after the first frost. Harvesting began at dawn during the spring tide, when the waters ebbed just below the marsh flats, leaving the stalks of grass moist and firm for cutting. Once the hay dried, the men returned with their loafer rakes, cocking the hay into haycocks. The cocks of hay were carried to a nearby cluster of staddles about eight feet wide. One worker climbed on top of the stack to arrange the hay in a round, conical formation approximately 12 feet high. The haystacks would remain there until winter settled on the marshlands.

-- OCTOBER 1998 --
Warren Batchelder's Meat Wagon in Front of the Batchelder's Home on Exeter Road: From their store in the Merrill Block downtown Hampton, the Batchelder brothers sent their refrigerator meat wagon, daily in the summer, to Little Boar's Head in North Hampton and to Rye Beach as well.

-- NOVEMBER 1998 --
E.P. Sanborn's Drug Store, Early 1920's: Located in the Odd Fellows Building, Lafayette Road, Route 1. The Odd Fellows Building burned in 1990.

-- DECEMBER 1998 --
Hampton Academy Musicians Who Went to the All New England Orchestra, 1929: Left to right: Constance Tobey, Kirby Higgins, Robert Mace, Ellsworth Brown,
Caroline Philbrook, Richard Munsey and Wilma Toppan.

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