Palmer's Restaurant Located at Hampton Beach 17 Years


Manchester Union Leader, July 7, 1939

Palmer's Restaurant at Hampton Beach is one place in that section where one can go and enjoy an excellent meal among attractive and comfortable surroundings. The food is delicious, it is temptingly served and is prepared in a most careful manner in a spotless and sanitary way. There one finds a tempting variety of fresh vegetables, prepared to retain all their natural flavor, choice meats, and real homemade desserts. You must learn for yourself what a pleasure it is to eat at Palmer's, established seventeen years ago.

Vacationists have voiced their unanimous approval of their fried clams of which they make a specialty. Their food is not only health-building but deliciously appetizing. There you find all foods in season, and many fruits and vegetables out of season. They cater to the individual taste, so it makes no difference whether you are on a diet or you present an enormous appetite, there are foods to suit your particular palate.

This restaurant is not only popular among the people of that section, but among the motoring public as well. Many people who make trips thru Hampton Beach make it a point to reach Palmer's Restaurant for their lunch or supper, as the case may be.

No effort has been spared by the owner, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Palmer, to give their patrons the best to be had. Make it a point to reach Palmer's at your earliest opportunity. Do you know their price on regular luncheons and dinners?