Lorenz Marine Exhibit is to be Augmented

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Hampton Beach News-Guide, September 4, 1929

The Lorenz Marine Museum, which has attracted much attention this summer, will continue open through the fall and winter. Hampton fishermen have agreed to bring all the queer denizens of the deep which are caught in the nets and traps to Fred’s market to be displayed along side the ten-toed star fish, the mallet-head, the sea-spider and other ocean freaks. Fred had a shark hung up by the tail last fall and maybe you’ll see a baby whale mounted on his ridge-pole this October.

Fred Lorenz is one of the beach hustlers and deserves all the publicity, which his Marine Museum attracts. Fred has his own fishermen, lobstermen and clam diggers and that assures him of fresh fish, lobsters and clams. In fact that’s why Fred Lorenz’s place of business is popular. He sells quality sea food at reasonable prices.

And his little lunch is a splendid place to eat. He specializes in skinless hot dogs, but we prefer his lobster sandwiches with the meat taken right out of the shell while you wait and the price is always right. You may have them plain or witch-toasted.

Then there’s a little store outside the main market, where one may obtain delicious fried clams, clams that are dug the same day they are fried. In fact
that’s one reason why they are so tender and so delicious. Of course they are fried right – that goes without saying – and when they are dumped, steaming, hot out of  the basket, they are golden brown in color and no epicure could deny their flavor.

Motorists will stop at Fred’s place on their way through this fall and winter because they like the Colonial gas and oils, but more particularly to take home fresh sea-food. And perhaps they will stop at the lunch room and try one of the exceptionally good Lorenz specials which we have already mentioned. The door of the Lorenz Market will be ready to swing open for you any time the year ‘round.

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