Naming Of New Medical Building

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Naming Of New Medical Building

879 Lafayette Road, Hampton, New Hampshire

October 1, 1998

Hospital Administrator
Exeter Hospital, Inc.
10 Buzell Avenue
Exeter, New Hampshire -03833

Dear Administrator;

RE: Naming of new Medical Building
      Corner Watson's Lane & Lafayette Road
      Hampton, New Hampshire

We would like to offer the following suggestion for naming of your new medical building under construction in Hampton:

based on the following information:

Dr. Bailey, before his passing in December 1997, was a resident at Webster-at-Rye, and I quote from their Newsletter of the Winter '97-'98:

"...... As a long-time family doctor in the Seacoast area, on the staff of both Portsmouth and Exeter hospitals, he has had a lifetime of experience in the health care field. Dr. Bailey met his future wife, Virginia Carpenter while working as an orderly at the University of Vermont Medical School Hospital; she was in training to be a nurse at the hospital and they literally bumped into each other one day. Three years later, they were married, just after Doctor Bailey graduated from Medical School.

"They moved to Hampton where he practiced for 14 years and then Hampton Falls where he remained for 35 years. Dr. Bailey loved his work so much that he would even worry about his patients when he was on vacation. He made house calls and delivered many children in the area (including our two in 1954 and 1959).

"Dr. Bailey joined the navy in 1942, but his loss to Hampton was so sorely felt that his patients mounted a petition for his discharge, which was granted by the Navy in 1944. He served as Chief of Staff of Exeter Hospital and received numerous awards and commendations for his service to the community.

"Charles and Virginia have 6 children, 17 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Throughout his life, Dr. Bailey has nurtured a deep appreciation for nature. For many years, he and his wife would take special expedition trips similar to a National Geographic experience. He had been from one end of the world to the other. Dr. Bailey was an inspiring and delightful individual."

That is why we believe that he is the right candidate to have this Medical Building named for him.

Thank you for your consideration.


John & Constance Holman
Hampton, New Hampshire

Letter From Exeter Health Resources, Inc.

Kevin J. Callahan

President and Chief Executive Officer
10 Buzell Avenue
Exeter, NH 03833

October 7, 1998

John Holman
17 Watson's Lane
Hampton, N.H. 03842

Dear Mr. Holman

I appreciate receiving your letter regarding the potential naming of the Medical Office Building on Lafayette Road in Hampton. I also appreciate your comments concerning Dr. Bailey; he was an outstanding physician and someone who I knew personally.

At this juncture, we have not made a decision to name the building. However, if in fact we reach a conclusion that a name should be given to that particular office building, I can assure you that I will give due consideration to Dr. Bailey and his significant contributions to the community.


/s/Kevin J. Callahan
Kevin J. Callahan
President and Chief Executive Officers


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