Doctor has new prescription for weight loss

Wine's Body Design Center in Hampton

By Kelly Sennott

Hampton Union, Tuesday, August 9, 2011

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

Dr. Doug Wine's Body Design Center provides new, advanced methods and practices in becoming healthy. The Coremax exercise machine is said to be one of the most advanced exercise machines worldwide. One of the 76 in the world is located right here in Hampton.

HAMPTON -- Don't lose weight to get healthy; get healthy to lose weight.

It's Dr. Douglas Wine's prescription in weight loss, and while he admits that there will be people scratching their heads at his new practices, he insists that it is not the calories burned that causes people to lose weight; rather, it is the calorie-burning hormones.

And it's all backed up by science.

"It's so easy, so logical and 100 percent backed up by every physiology book," said Wine.

Wine's Body Design Center in Hampton provides a new, advanced practice of weight loss that goes against what we've always been told, said Wine. "Weight loss has been wrong forever," he said. "There are over 40,000 diet and weight-loss programs under the premise to exercise more and eat less; they're wrong."

Many weight-loss philosophies in eating less and exercising more actually cause people to lose muscle instead of fat. You need muscle in order to burn fat, said Wine. The trick is figuring out where the balance lies — knowing what to eat and when to eat it is key.

He provides advanced testing for each client, and through this testing, he determines what each person is lacking in terms of enzymes, hormones, vitamins, etc. Allergies, sicknesses or common habits could also have adverse effects on becoming healthy, and through his testing, Wine can determine which of these is causing problems as well.

Once this testing is completed, Wine takes this information and prescribes diet changes, supplements or activity changes. Knowing the physiology of the patient is crucial in determining how best to become healthy, said Wine.

Through applied kinesiology, people can find out exactly what they need, said Wine. And it's not just one thing; each and every individual needs something different.

"Everybody is completely different," said Wine. What works for one person will not be the same for the next.

Past weight-loss programs never looked at the physiology of the body, said Wine. It's all about knowing how each body works.

Eating food at the wrong time of the day, or worse, eating the wrong food at the wrong time of the day will have an adverse effect on weight loss, said Wine.

"During the day, you only burn calories. The body does not go into the fat-burning mode until night time. The key to weight-loss is in hormones," said Wine. Getting a good night's sleep is also crucial in being healthy and losing weight.

The people who lose weight only through diet and exercise always plateau, and they rarely get to where they want to be, said Wine.

In addition to his advanced testing and dietary analysis, Wine also offers clients access to some of his advanced health machines.

Wine has the largest low-level laser in the world, right here in Hampton, said Wine. The laser melts fat within two minutes. The average person will lose one to four inches with each visit, said Wine.

Although many of his patients come in with the intention of losing weight, Wine said he has a variety of different types of customers. He said that his Detox Regeneration machine even helps prevent cancer from spreading. Many hospitals actually recommend Wine's center, he said.

Clients also have access to the Coremax, which Wine claims is one of only 76 in the world. He calls it the most sophisticated exercise machine on earth, used only by high-end athletes. One of these 76 is in Hampton, and is considered to be the only machine in the world to precisely target and strengthen the 180 deep spinal muscles. The machine is used for a wide variety of injury rehabilitation, strength conditioning, wellness and fitness benefits, according to the body design Web site.

Wine was a chiropractor for many years, but he said he was always a "health guy." He worked with professional athletes in France and Switzerland, including French national soccer players and cyclists participating in the Tour de France. He lived in Europe for 14 years until he moved back to the United States with his wife and family.

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The Body Design Center is located on 58 Winnacunnet Road in Hampton.

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