Sea Ketch: Making changes and gearing up for summer 2013

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By Jill Frank

Hampton Beachcomber, June 6-12, 2013

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Beachcomber and Seacoast Online.]

Sea Ketch Restaurant 2013HAMPTON BEACH — Now in its 42nd season, the Sea Ketch still remains a popular fixture at Hampton Beach with its 360 degree view from the top deck bar.

Kevin Brown, general manager for the Sea Ketch, said the secret to their success is simple.

"We are constantly updating and changing," said Brown. "We follow trends and move with them. We are always looking for ways to make our business better."

Brown said what's new this year is the Sea Ketch Place and the remodeled Beach Cafe.

Sea Ketch Place— a renovated take-out addition for the restaurant— offers coffee, sandwiches, salads, soups, homemade fried dough and homemade ice cream.

Brown said one of the restaurant's three kitchens was completely remodeled, and Sea Ketch installed a state-of-the-art draft beer system that includes craft beers from local brewers on all three floors.

The Beach Cafe no longer has a bar, which freed up space for a 600-gallon fish tank, according to Brown.

"It's a saltwater reef tank, so you have live rocks, fish and coral," Brown said.

Brown said the additions are just the latest in the ever-changing landscape at Sea Ketch.

"Sea Ketch always, always improves," Brown said.

And beachgoers are excited about the new additions.

"I can't wait to try their fried dough this summer," says Kathleen Hodge, South Hampton resident and annual Sea Ketch customer. "Usually I go to Sea Ketch at nights for drinks on their top deck."

Brown says although the restaurant is a popular bar scene for some, Sea Ketch caters to all aspects of dining out and is not limited to being just a restaurant or just a bar.

"The reason our restaurant is so big and has so many options is to appeal to all kinds of customers. I wouldn't say that were more of a place to eat or more of a place to drink, its pretty equal," says Brown. "Some customers come for the bar, some come to eat and plenty come for both."

Renovation and remodeling of the building isn't the only way Sea Ketch stays modern and ahead in the competition. "We're always changing our menu and drink options, too," Brown stated. The constant changing of their menus is a way Sea Ketch can keep up with trends and prevent annual customers from getting bored.

Michael Harmon, Portsmouth resident and annual Sea Ketch customer, says the menu is his favorite thing about Sea Ketch.

"I'll admit Sea Ketch Mai Tai's are a favorite of mine, but I really just go for the food and dining experience," said Harmon. "I love the ocean view you get when you eat on their decks, plus their seafood there is great."

Brown says that Sea Ketch's renovating will definitely not stop here. "We have a lot of new things for summer 2013, and we will continue to keep updating and changing as we always do," said Brown. "That's just how we are at Sea Ketch; constantly changing and molding to fit our customer's needs."

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