Burst Pipe Damages, Closes La Bec Rouge

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The Hampton Beach business' New Year's Eve party was reportedly canceled due to the water damage.

By Kyle Stucker

Hampton-North Hampton Patch, January 2, 2013

[The following article is courtesy of Hampton-NorthHampton.patch.com

 La Bec Rouge is currently closed and undergoing renovations to repair damage caused by burst pipe.La Bec Rouge

Portions of the three-story Hampton Beach restaurant and bar were recently damaged when a pipe burst around 4 a.m. on Christmas Eve, according to a Facebook post by La Bec Rouge owner Al Fleury.

The business was open this winter for the first time in years as part of an effort to help extend the beach season, and Fleury wrote that this setback will temporarily prevent that effort.

"Over the next couple weeks we will be working hard to make this business newer and better for the town of Hampton!" wrote Fleury on Facebook. "We are very disappointed because we wanted to provide an off season spot for everyone down the beach."

Head Chef Jim Lehane said the business will likely be closed for the next six to 10 weeks as crews work to repair the damage. Workers were removing tables and drying carpets at La Bec Rouge Wednesday.

Lehane said the business had been busy the past few months, especially at dinnertime. He said the burst was an unfortunate Christmas gift, although he said they will "get it back, though."

"Everything was going really well," said Lehane, who said La Bec Rouge was alerted to the pipe burst by a fire alarm.

Fleury couldn't immediately be reached for comment Wednesday, and wasn't at the restaurant around noon. Additional information about the burst pipe wasn't immediately available.

A nearby Hampton Beach resident told Hampton-North Hampton Patch that the business canceled its New Year's Eve part due to the damage. The resident said the closure is "sad" because of the progress made by La Bec Rouge and other businesses to draw people to Hampton Beach during the winter months.

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