Two Guys in the Phys Biz

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By Mike Bisceglia

Seacoast Scene, June 18, 2014

[The following article is courtesy of the Seacoast Scene]

Mike Brezak and Brent TherrienMike Brezak and Brent Therrien

HAMPTON - "I began working with Bret about two years ago," said Samara Gallagher (Hampton), wincing with the memory of that time.  "I had had an operation on each shoulder for adhesive capsulitis . . . essentially, frozen shoulders.  He understood my pain, but he made me feel that I could work my way through it.  I continue to see him regularly, and my range of motion has improved dramatically.  I'm a much happier person now than I was then."

"I teach microbiology at Great Bay Community College," said Linda Coe (Hampton Falls).  "Some months ago, my hips began to give me tremendous pain.  After my visit to the doctor, I began to see Mike.  I've just finished my eighth session, and the difference in me from then to now is nothing short of remarkable.  I have loved working in my garden, and it looks like I'll be able to continue with my passion.  I'm delighted!"

Kate Serodio
Kate Serodio, owner of Hampton Physical Therapy

"These are the types of comments we hear all of the time from our patients," said Kate Serodio, owner of Hampton Physical Therapy (PT).  Mike Brezak and Brent Therrien are remarkable, as are all of the members of our staff.  They employ some very interesting exercises, some of which they create to accomplish a specific goals.  For instance, they have some of our patients pick up marbles with their toes and deposit them in buckets.  Other patients are asked to use a dry towel to "wax on," and "wax off" a section of wall a la the Karate Kid.  All of our therapists have their doctoral degrees in PT, and they continue to take courses to stay current in the latest techniques.  We are extremely busy here, but we do enjoy an achievement rank of 99% customer satisfaction, and I don't think you can do much better than that."

Brent Therrian, 32, grew up in Rochester, NH, but now resides in Kittery, ME.  "I was the service coordinator for my dad's construction company, but I wasn't receiving the job satisfaction I wanted.  I injured myself on the job, and had need for physical therapy.  That was definitely my "Ah-Hah" moment.  I knew I could do that type of work, and I was certain I would enjoy it.  I became a non-traditional student, since I was older than the others in my class.  I thoroughly enjoyed the program at Franklin Pierce University.  Everything from anatomy to nuero-rehabilitation, and from cardio-vascular rehabilitation to wound care . . . it was quite a heavy load, but it was all time well spent."

Brent, who bears a strong resemblance to Clark Kent with a two-day growth, is very personable, sincere, and loves to sing while he works.  As of yet, none of his patients has complained of his tonal attempts.

When not working to have non-functioning joints function once again, Brent enjoys just about anything outside.  Shortly, he will be running his second marathon of the year.  In addition, he also enjoys hiking and surfing.  Brent is engaged, and is due to marry next year.  In the meantime, Brent enjoys the company of his Chihuahua, Miguel, and his cat, Thor.

"I grew up in Ewing, NJ," said Mike Brezak.  "I graduated from the University of New England in 2012, and I love everything about being a physical therapist.  I thought about being an athletic trainer, but now I get to work with the weekend warriors who may have sprained an ankle and the true athletes with deep-seated medical conditions.  I work ten-hour days, and I may see anywhere from 14-16 patients each day.  Yes, the hours are long, but we do enjoy seeing people come in with little faith that they will be their "old selves" ever again.  It is good to see their spirits lift, and heart-warming to watch people take responsibility for their own rehabilitation and motivation."  Like Brent, Mike likes outdoor activities, including: golfing, paddle boarding, and hiking.

"Brent has been wonderful," said Nancy Angell (Hampton) proudly.  "He's doing a great job.  I fractured some vertebrae, and have been coming here only three weeks.  The amount of pain I was in was incredible.  I have nowhere near that degree of discomfort now."

"The atmosphere here is very conducive to a rapid rehabilitation," said Brent.  "The music is upbeat.  The jokes are plentiful.  The patients have the feeling they are in some wonderful workout facility.  Some great friendships are formed here, and I believe they are formed because people leave here feeling rejuvenated. It is great to be a part of something that feels this good!"

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