Feel Beautiful At Youngevity Spa

By Scott E. Kinney, Atlantic News Staff Writer

Atlantic News, Friday, September 22, 2006

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News.]

HAMPTON -- True beauty begins on the inside.

At Youngevity Spa, located right in the heart of Hampton, the focus is on inner beauty as well as the outer sort.

Owner Nancy Ducharme said the word "spa" is actually a bit of a misnomer. You will find no hair stylists or nail technicians within the confines of the business' walls.

"What we focus on is facial and body rejuvenation," she said.

That being said, there are no invasive techniques utilized at Youngevity Spa. No Botox. No lasers.

Instead what one will find at the wellness and rejuvenation center is a combination of age-old practices, combined with the wonders that modern technology has to offer.

Ionothermie is just one of the techniques that makes Youngevity Spa unique.

The procedure, which has been utilized by the French for the past 30 years according to Ducharme, was first used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Ionothermie has also been found to stimulate the lymphatic system, as well as tighten loose connective tissue and increase circulation.

Ionothermie uses electronic pulses to stimulate the lymphatic system. Ducharme said the sensation is "like when your foot falls asleep."

"The lymphatic is one of the most important systems in your body," explained Ducharme. "It detoxes you."

A by far older practice is also performed at the spa by acupuncturist Ardys Roenmelt, who continues a tradition begun more than 500 years ago. The acupuncture Roenmelt studies (Japanese, which is less common in the west than Chinese techniques) was taught to her by Kojilchi Hashi while in California. It is a practice that has been carried through Hashi's family for centuries.

Roenmelt said although Chinese and Japanese acupuncture are similar in philosophy, their methodologies are subtly different. She said the needles in Chinese acupuncture are thicker and usually placed for roughly 20 minutes in order to achieve a chi response. The Japanese technique uses smaller needles and can be moved often to create the same response.

Roenmelt explained the belief in acupuncture is that the body is a magnet of bioelectric energy, which comes out through meridians.

"Acupuncture is a tool to make that happen," she said.

The spa also offers facials and custom make up work performed by esthetician Mary Ann Beaulieu.

"Mary Ann is probably the best esthetician on the Seacoast," said Ducharme.

Whether you go to Youngevity Spa for Ionothermie, Japanese Acupuncture, Moor Therapy or any of the other services offered the goal is to make the customer feel good.

"We do focus on beauty," said Ducharme, "but we want people to feel beautiful inside and out."

To see what Youngevity Spa can do for you visit them at their 32 Depot Square location or contact them at (603) 601-0420. Your inner beauty will thank you for it.