Tobey & Merrill Insurance: Quality, Care & Commitment

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By Liz Premo

Atlantic News, Thursday, March 21, 2002

[The following article is courtesy of the Atlantic News]
HERE FOR YOU -- Dean (back) Geoff (left) and Russ
(right) Merrill are ready to help you find the right
insurance for your family.
[Atlantic News Photo]

HAMPTON — If you're looking for one single source to help completely fill all your insurance needs, the place to go is Tobey & Merrill Insurance, centrally located at 20 High Street in downtown Hampton.

For 82 years, people in the Seacoast area have depended upon Tobey & Merrill Insurance to provide them with expert and professional service. This independent, community-minded insurance agency represents more than 15 companies, offering clients the best in personal, commercial, life, health, disability, and long-term care coverage.

Along with his brother Dean Merrill, who is the company president, Tobey & Merrill Vice President Geoff Merrill says that their insurance company is dedicated to "protecting those things that matter the most to you." With almost a dozen professional staff members ready to serve their customers, Tobey & Merrill can promise each and every client that they will receive expert advice and undivided attention, along with a complete insurance program especially designed for their needs.

When it comes time to make an insurance claim, Tobey & Merrill has a separate claims department that works one-on-one with the individual. When handling a claim, the Tobey & Merrill deals with local insurance adjusters. And, because the agency has draft authority, it can issue claim checks directly out of the office.

One line of service that Tobey & Merrill provides is free insurance quotes on their Web site ( With a click of the mouse, visitors to the site will find quote forms for such coverage as auto life/health, long term care, flood, and homeowners' insurance. To obtain a free quote, just fill out the desired on-line form with the necessary information (current insurance, coverage desired, etc.) and click on the "submit" button. The free quote will be provided as soon as the submitted information is processed.

A trend that Geoff Merrill has observed in recent months is the increase in customers seeking life insurance, which he attributes to the events which occurred on September 11 of last year. "People are more aware" of the importance of life insurance, he says, and they are considering that "maybe it's time to revisit our life insurance needs." Along the same line, Merrill suggests that it may be wise to "make sure your will is up-to-date."

This type of care and concern is also evident in Tobey & Merrill's mission statement. In it, the agency promises "quality and professional service to our customers. We will demonstrate our commitment to you by operating with concern and respect for the long term interests of everybody involved: our clients, our employees, our insurance companies, our employees' families and our community." Quality, care and commitment — and competitive rates — are what make Tobey & Merrill Insurance the place to go for all your insurance needs.

Available anytime thanks to its special paging service, Tobey & Merrill Insurance faithfully provides reliable, 'round-the- clock insurance coverage and advice to their customers. Find out more about how Tobey & Merrill can work for you and your insurance needs. Stop by the office at 20 High Street in Hampton, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., check out their Web site, or call 926-7655, 24 hours a day.

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