Sweet Jenny's Ice Cream

By Aubry Bracco, Atlantic News Staff Writer

Atlantic News, Friday, June 29, 2007

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News.]

HAMPTON -- Jerry's Seafood may have closed its doors after 40 years, but something sweet has taken its place at 65 Lafayette Road in Hampton.

Hampton native Jean Boudreau welcomes her customers to Sweet Jenny's Ice Cream, the Seacoast's new confectionary wonderland guaranteed to satisfy everyone.

If people "get a sweet tooth, we want them to come here," said Boudreau who works to serve her customers the tastiest ice cream, chocolate and candy year-round. "I try it all myself."

Boudreau keeps frozen dessert lovers on their feet and begging for more with 48 hard-serve ice cream flavors, a variety of soft-serve flavors as well as frozen yogurt.

Unique flavors including "Play Dough" and "Purple Cow" are current customer favorites this season. And "Honeybun" — which tastes just like Honeycomb cereal, according to "Lead Scooper" Kasey — has recently joined Sweet Jenny's ice cream lineup.

Boudreau likes to keep things fresh for her customers because, she says, "once you get hooked on ice cream you have to have ice cream everyday."

To keep patrons satisfied, Sweet Jenny also offers "mix-ins." Customers can choose to have their favorite toppings — including cookie, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and coconut — folded into their ice cream flavor of choice.

Boudreau says the shop will soon offer fun cups and an ice cream "volcano." This mountain of ice cream in a Frisbee container, complete with a burst of candy and topping "lava flow," will delight kids.

While a variety of candies is already available for sale at the store, Boudreau says she will soon be offering gourmet "gift candies" as well as desserts, espresso and coffee.

Sweet Jenny's has plenty of space, some plans to expand and a commitment to the Seacoast's year-round sweet freaks. Be sure to keep an eye Hampton's newest sweet spot at 65 Lafayette Road for birthday party opportunities and additional confectionary offerings. Sweet Jenny's Ice Cream in currently open from 1-10 p.m., seven days a week.