Santé Center Helps Heal Naturally

By Mark Chag, Jr., Atlantic News Staff Writer

Atlantic News, Friday, December 19, 2008

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News.]

Santé Center for Natural Healing

No matter what ailment may be haunting you or a loved one, if satisfying solutions have been frustratingly alluding, you'll find answers at the Santé Center for Natural Healing.

Whether its cancer, Lyme disease, obesity, lupus, skin disorders, multiple sclerosis, autism, or whether you simply would like to live a healthy preventative lifestyle to avoid such disorders, turn to Santé Center.

Santé Center is akin to a tree that has grown deep roots and is now blossoming as a resource to patients throughout the greater Sea-coast region who are seeking the right natural healing techniques for themselves.

It all started many, years ago with a very first-hand experience. Carol Facella was only 17 years old when she watched her mother suffer and die after a bout with cancer. She knew that more could be done to help people in her mother's situation, but what?

She set out to become a nurse, but soon realized soon that there was another avenue calling — through alternative healing.

That was more than 20 years ago, when, while many other regions of the world were advancing techniques in the field, this country was still leaps and bounds behind. So what to do? Go to where she could learn more.

"I attended seminars in Asia, I studied in Europe," Facella says of her early days in the field. But the New England native, who grew up in Massachusetts and spent her summers in Rye, knew she belonged at home, and it was back in New England where she brought her wealth of knowledge for natural healing to share with those who can now reap the rewards of natural healing techniques.

"It's not about curing disease, its about healing a person's mind, body and spirit," she says. Facella goes on to explain specifically that all of the services that Santo Center offers are intended to be used in conjunction, not in replace of medical treatment.

"We work with doctors, and we work with our patients doctors one-on-one," she says, adding that Santé Center has a medical doctor on staff, and encourages people to ask their personal physicians about the services Santé Center offers, and if it would help.

Just what are those services? There are plenty! Santo Center offers

nutritional heath assessment, diagnostic testing and evaluation, nutritional coaching, herbal consulting, focus menu planning, sports nutrition and training, disease specific nutrition, nutritional cleansing, fasting and detoxification programs, colon hydrotherapy, light and sound therapy, and Swedish massage.

They also provide deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, osteopath manipulative therapy, stone therapy, reflexology, Reiki energy, organic facials and medical microdermabrasion, high dose vitamin C IV/Chelation therapy, weight loss programs, ionic foot soaks, ear coning, cupping, organic raw food prepared to order, organic raw juices prepared to order, and alternative and integrative medicine.

What's more, Santé Center offers authentic, traditional Thai massage from a professional trained in the technique in Thailand. "Where can you find actual Thai massage?" Facella asks with a laugh, emphasizing how happy she was to find someone who could offer it at Santé Center. Traditional Thai massage dates back more than 2,500 years, and is a form of clothed massage that blends gentle, rocking movements, deep stretching and compression work to release tension and obstructions.

For folks wondering if such a massage would do world of wonders for them, the good news is that now, through the end of January, they can experience it for free! Sante Center is offering free half-hour massages for clients who purchase colon hydrotherapy.

What is colon hydrotherapy? It is a painless, gravity-fed process by which the body is freed of excess toxins and waste. Removing these toxins is the first, best step in feeling healthy, and staying healthy. "It dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians, and was a very popular medical practice until the 1920s when pharmaceuticals took over," Facella explains. "Drugs will purge, but there is a natural way to go about it as well. That's what we want to show people, that there is another way to work, not instead of the medical field, but with it." Now, with the nation's surging shift back to natural healing techniques, colon hydrotherapy is becoming the focus for good health once again. In fact, the technique has been used at Santé Center for a wide range of ailments, from cancer to heart problems.

"We're not here to replace medical professionals, we're here to work alongside and work with them," Facella emphasizes.

Perhaps the most enticing reason to pay a visit to Santé Center and learn more about what they can do to help you is the nearly 15 years of testimonials that provide proof of the countless clients the center has been able to help.

"There are people we've helped get out of the hospital who they believed would never leave," Facella says.

Santé Center for Natural Healing is located at 540 Lafayette Road in Hampton. To learn more about the wonders of the comprehensive treatment and health care plans available, call the office at (603) 929-0084, or visit

It could be the best thing you'll ever do for your mind, body and spirit.