Palms Night Club Opens

By Kathryn Schoenberger

Hampton Union, Tuesday, August 8, 2006

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

A pirate skeleton watches over the
crowd at the Palms Night Club.
[Photo by Kathryn Schoenberger]

HAMPTON -- The Palms Night Club opened at Hampton Beach on Thursday night.

"It was a small opening," said owner Roy Boston said. "We didn't have a lot of time to advertise."

The club received notice of approval of its liquor license that morning and scrambled to make the final preparations for its first night.

Boston estimated about 200 people attended the opening, including rock group Alice in Chains who played a show at the Casino Ballroom that night.

"They said it was a great club," Boston said.

The club has been open every night since, hosting two rock cover bands, Leaving Eden and Zero Gravity, and DJ Koko-Pez spinning at their weekly Reggae Beach party on Sunday night.

Boston and general manager Peter Lee are planning a grand opening for Friday. It will feature Decadence, an 80s tribute band. Saturday night will continue the festivities with Believer, an Ozzy Osbourne cover band.

"We try to appeal to every crowd," Employee Matt Fitzgerald said.

The club's decor was inspired by the beach and includes a watch tower, complete with pirate skeleton and parrot, murals of a tropical island and, of course, palm trees.

"The aesthetics are great," Fitzgerald said.

Boston plans to keep the club open year-round, adding comedy shows to the mix for variety.

The grand opening will allow for a better picture of the club's potential, but so far opinions have been positive.

Club bartender Sherry Samuel said "It's awesome, there are no places around here like it. You'd have to go to Boston to find something similar."