Inch by Inch Brings Quality Woodworking to the Home

By Liz Premo

Atlantic News, Thursday, June 12, 2003

[The following article is courtesy of the Atlantic News]

HAMPTON — Seacoast area homeowners who have plans to do one or more remodeling projects this year will be pleased to know that the commercial woodworking artisans at Inch by Inch in Hampton have now gone residential.

Owner Scott Rivers has moved the business — and a staff of five — to a new, larger site on Route 1 in preparation of expanding the professional service Inch by Inch offers to all its customers, whether residential or commercial.

Inch by Inch Fine Cabinetry LLC offers the finest quality workmanship in custom kitchen and bath cabinetry, fireplace mantels, entertainment/ multimedia centers, wine cellars, humidors, bookcases and doors, and much more. Items may be crafted from a variety of natural woods, including ash, cedar, cherry, maple, mahogany, oak, pine and walnut, among others.

All the wood is hand-selected, says Scott, in order to get the best pieces possible. Being so selective means more of the wood for a project is utilized and less is wasted, which keeps production costs down. These savings are then passed on to the customer, explains Scott, who has a background in business management and computer design.

Besides using handselected wood, the equipment used to cut the wood is also a factor in getting the job done efficiently and professionally.

"We bought some new equipment which puts us ahead of everybody else," says Scott, who has almost 20 years of carpentry experience under his tool belt. He is referring to the new German-made CNC Router, which "optimizes sheets of wood," says Scott. "It will cut a 10x10 kitchen in four hours," making it possible for the actual job to be completed in less time. Technology plays a big part in the planning as well as the actual cutting. The pros at Inch by Inch use the AutoCAD and TurboCAD drafting design programs, and their newly-acquired Cabinet Vision software program will allow customers to "see" their custom design plans in three dimensions. The program is, according to Scott, one that is very high-tech. Installed in a laptop computer, the Cabinet Vision software can be brought directly on-site to the customer's home. There, the pros from Inch by Inch can use the dimensions of the work area and any existing features to efficiently design the project according to the customer's specifications, choice of materials, and degree of use within the work environment. Because "it's better if they come in here and know what they want," Scott encourages potential customers to shop around and get their ideas from a variety of sources, including home remodeling magazines. Bring in a picture of a project that's often found in such periodicals, says Scott, and Inch by Inch can build it.

Indeed they can. Each cabinet, bookshelf, hutch and more is carefully created by Inch by Inch craftsmen, who easily boast more than 100 years of woodworking experience between them and can basically do anything and everything with wood.

Scott notes that Inch by Inch handles the entire job, from going out to the site and taking measurements, to designing, building and finishing everything according to the customer's specifications and what their budget can handle. Customers may opt for doing the finishing and installation themselves, or having Inch by Inch take contract.

Because each project depends upon what the individual desires, Scott wants Inch by Inch customers to make sure they know what they want and what they want to spend before the work begins. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to the folks at Inch by Inch.

For those people who aren't currently planning on installing kitchen cabinets but know someone who is, gift certificates to Inch by Inch are available — and they don't expire. Monthly specials are also offered; Scott notes that next month's special will be 15 percent off cabinets.

Scott says an Inch by Inch Web site will soon be up and running ("You will be able to order online") and, he adds, "We're working on a catalog." The business will also be offering its own line of cabinets in the very near future.

Inch by Inch is a member of the American Woodworking Institution, the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce and Business Networking International. They are listed in the Blue Book® of Building and Construction. Fully insured, Inch by Inch professionally serves both commercial and residential customers.

Inch by Inch Fine Cabinetry LLC is located at 1 Lafayette Road (Route 1) in Hampton. Business office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday by appointment. For more information or to arrange for a consultation, call Inch by Inch at 929-9779 or (800)549-4320.