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Tops in the Sign Business

By Liz Premo

Atlantic News , February 17, 2000

[The following article is courtesy of the Atlantic News ]

Dan Daly in front of the Image Store

HAMPTON -- When it comes to home improvement, every little bit counts, especially those unique personal details that can truly make a house a home. Whether found inside or outside one's dwelling place, it's the little details that can really make a statement about the folks that reside there.

Even something as functional as one's mailbox can say something about a its owner, and that's where the Image Store in Hampton can help homeowners "make a lasting first impression" with a beautifully unique BoxtopperTM perched atop their mailbox.

What's a Boxtopper? It's a durable, sturdy, rust-proof, lightweight aluminum plaque which can be customized with a resident's name and street number, and mounted to the top of just about any mailbox. The Image Store's Boxtoppers come in a variety of recognizable shapes, such as a moose, loon, cat, swan, and scallop shell. They are powder coated in black or white, and screen printed in contrasting paint, with reflective material used for the street numbers.

Boxtoppers add a unique, functional, and appealing touch to any property. They are also the combined creation of designer Cheryl German and Dan "The Signman" Daly, owners of the Image Store, who began their Boxtopper line three years ago while Dan's sign-making business was still based in Hampton Falls.

Relocated since November 1999 in a cozy shop at 822 Lafayette Road in Hampton, the Image Store has on display numerous examples of Boxtoppers, which can also function as standard house plaques. Each Boxtopper is custom made to order, and can be either bolted to the top of the mailbox, or permanently secured with a strip of strong double-sided tape that is adhered along the plaque's base. For only $29.95, anyone can have their own personal Boxtopper ready to affix to their mailbox. And, if a mailbox is needed, the Image Store can take special orders for those, too.

Every aspect of creating the Boxtoppers is done in New Hampshire, from cutting the metal to adding the finishing touches that embellish the handcrafted designs. Homeowners' names are created using vinyl lettering; and the house numerals are finished in a reflective material for greater visibility at night. Boxtoppers offer a beautiful and practical addition to any home, and they make great gifts at anytime.

Dan "The Signman" Daly has been in the sign business for three decades, and along with business partner German brings his expertise to this new and exciting product line. With years of experience in making all different types of signs for homes and businesses (including wood, metal, vinyl and high-density foam, and doing lettering on boats, trucks, and bank windows), "The Signman" can custom-create just about any Boxtopper a homeowner may desire, with expert results.

The Image Store, with its trade-mark cast iron pot-bellied stove tucked near the shop's entrance, offers more than Boxtoppers, too. Customers who stop in at its convenient Lafayette Road location will also find custom designed T-shirts, note cards, customized pegged utility racks, and even plush toy loons, And, they'll find Dan "The Signman" Daly, ready to fill whatever sign needs they may have.

In fact, homeowners who happen to run a business from their place of residence can add a special touch to the premises by having "The Signman" create a sign especially for their business — and get a Boxtopper for their mailbox too.

The Image Store, the Country Store of Arts & Letters, is located at 822 Lafayette Road in Hampton. Business hours are currently 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays, and also by appointment. For more information, stop by The Image Store, or call 926-4747.

Dan Daly at the Image Store

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