See What's Brewing at Coffee Break Café

By Aubry Bracco, Atlantic News Staff Writer

Atlantic News, Friday, July 13, 2007

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News.]

TAKE A BREAK -- Carol and Lenny Paul, together with their son, Todd (left) and Alicia Dane (right), invite customers to stop by the Coffee Break Café on Ocean Boulevard, Hampton Beach.
[Atlantic News Photo by Aubry Bracco]

HAMPTON BEACH -- Make your daily coffee break a little bit longer in Coffee Break Café's newly expanded facility.

Owners Carol and Lenny Paul hope customers will enjoy the new room and patio available at their "neighborhood café," which has become a new favorite on Hampton Beach thanks to neighborly support.

Carol said many people, including Linda and John Gebhart of the Hampton Beach Village Precinct Beautification Committee, donated flowers for the patio which opened in late May.

Hampton Beach hotel owners have also been helpful, spreading the word about the café since its April 1 grand opening.

And building owner, Owen Carter has pitched in with his support as well, working with the Pauls to coordinate the café's brightly painted exterior with surrounding buildings.

While they indulge in a cup of local, freshly ground java, a homemade smoothie or soda with a Panini sandwich, or one of Carol's famous homemade blueberry scones or lemon squares, customers can now enjoy the work of local artists, displayed in the shop's new seating area.

"I welcome other artists that want to come in," Carol said.

If the café's seating expansions garner a positive response, it's possible that menu expansions could follow suit in the fall.

So far, prospects look good for Carol and Lenny -- patron response to the café has been outstanding.

According to Carol and Alicia Dane, who also works at the café, one summer resident came into the shop for the first time, got on her hands and knees and began to kiss the floor.

"[The patron told me], 'This is such a cute place; it's such a great addition to the beach,'" Dane said.

Customer Tracie Williams, who read about the café in an issue of the Atlantic News, said the ride up to Hampton Beach from Rowley is well worth the trip.

"I mean, hello, they're just so nice and friendly… they're just so, so sweet," Williams said. "I can just sit here for hours."

Carol said she knows "what customers' needs are before they come in the door." She also maintains a "punch-card" system — for every nine coffees a customer purchases, they get one free.

Carol and Alicia said the system is "hassle-free;" they keep the punch cards on a Rolodex at the store so patrons don't have to remember to bring them. Both women said they enjoy flipping through the Rolodex so they have the opportunity to get to know more customers.

Carol, Lenny, their son, Todd, and Alicia welcome you to kick back and relax at their newly expanded "mom and pop shop." They've had a ball so far and look forward to the future.

"We stumbled upon this and so far it's been awesome," Carol said.

So head on down to Hampton Beach's Patriot's Corner. It's time for you to take a break and see what has been brewing at Coffee Break Café, located at 23 Ocean Boulevard, at the corner of "P" Street.