Chauffeur By Appointment

Caddy Cab Offers Hybrid Car Service

By Susan Morse

Hampton Union, Tuesday, January 18, 2005

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

Darrylin Wasiuk, a Hampton resident as well as the president of Caddy Cab, poses in her luxury cab, a Cadillac Deville. Wasiuk opened for business on Dec. 1 and provides rides to the airport and local destinations and can also help with errands and party-goers.
[Photo by Jamie Cohen]

HAMPTON - A new transportation service in town, Caddy Cab, is part limousine, part taxi.

The company got its start on Dec. 1 when Hampton resident Darrylin Wasiuk wanted a night out with her husband and neither wanted to drive.

"My husband and I really wanted to go out one night in Dover at the Three Chimneys Inn," said Wasiuk. "He looked at me and asked, was I going to drink and I said yes, and I asked if he was going to drink, and he said yes, and we said, how are we going to get there and go home?"

Apparently plenty of other people had the same idea during the holidays.

"For Christmas and New Year's, we had a lot of local runs going to restaurants," Wasiuk said. "Now we seem to be doing a lot of airport runs. We certainly want it busier."

There are other transportation services to Boston's Logan airport and taxi cabs available.

Caddy Cab "has a little bit of a twist," said Wasiuk. "We're not totally a cab, we're not totally a limo. I consider it chauffeur by appointment."

Unlike a taxi service, Wasiuk requests advance reservations.

"I prefer to have a reservation," she said. "We're a Cadillac, we have bottled water, peppermints, magazines in the car, more upscale than a taxi. We all have uniforms to wear, we pick you up at the door, we don't honk the horn."

Unlike a limo service, Caddy Cab's Cadillac DeVille may not be big enough for most wedding parties.

"You're not going to take me to a wedding," said Wasiuk. "The bachelor party may get me."

Wasiuk and two part-time staff do the driving.

She's finding another niche for transportation service - senior citizens who can't or don't drive.

"Yesterday I had a woman call me from Embassy Condos on High Street, she wanted to get out to go to lunch with her son," said Wasiuk. "She also called to go to Exeter Hospital for therapy."

Caddy Cab's rates begin at a $15 or $20 minimum for up to 10 miles. After that, it's $2 for every mile. The company also books at a rate of $45 an hour. Airport transportation ranges from $65 to Manchester to $95 to Boston Logan's International Airport.

Wasiuk said she is a former assistant vice president of a bank. She also works for her husband, a salesman.

"I don't know," she said of the reason for taking on a new venture. "A mid-life crisis maybe at 46. I needed to try something on my own."

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