Hampton business adds fuel to 'green' movement

Hampton Union, November 27, 2007

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

Brazonics is starting to ride the green wave and Stratham biofuels provider Simply Green is helping them. The Hampton-based aerospace supplier switched to bioheat after a single worker raised the issue of biofuels with managers just a month ago.

Brazonics employee Steve Horton had been using biodiesel in his two diesel vehicles and a tractor at home and was so pleased with its performance that he felt compelled to bring his employer on board.

"When I first learned that we had an alternative to using foreign oil for heating and vehicles, I looked into it. I thought, OK, American-produced soy oil, easier on the environment, the same price or less than regular fuel — and here is the kicker — my engines/furnaces run smoother, more efficient and cleaner — I wanted to spread the word," Horton said.

For more information on Brazonics visit www.brazonics.com or call Roxanne Jewel at 758-6241. For more info. on Simply Green visit www.seacoastbiofuels.com or call Andrew Kellar at 772-3155.