Amazon Cafè Offers A Healthy Alternative

By Kate Quellette

Atlantic News, Thursday, July 1, 2004

A GRAND OPENING - Amazon Cafe, located at 367 Ocean Blvd (near Route 101, behind Ben & Jerry's) at Hampton Beach recently held their grand opening (above) with Loretta Parker; Pat Morgenstern of the Hampton Chamber; Ed Cocci and Barbara Cocci the owners of the Cafe; and Donn Parker in attendance. The brand new eatery offers a huge variety of fruit smoothies, healthy lunches, breakfasts, coffee, and much much more. [Beach News Courtesy Photos]

HAMPTON BEACH — A healthy alternative to high-calorie and high-fat vacation foods has opened at Hampton Beach.

Amazon Café, located in the Oceanside Mall at 367 Ocean Boulevard, has a variety of nutritious meals fit for any taste, large or small. The café offers an array of smoothie choices, wraps, salads, fresh juices, soups and also breakfast sandwiches starting at 8 a.m. every day of the week.

Barbara Cocci recently opened the business, which is part of a franchise based out of Philadelphia. Cocci wanted to open the café because of her interest in the nutritional products that are being advertised and sold today. Amazon's main focus, Cocci says, are smoothies enriched with nutritional "power boosts."

"There are all different types of boosts," says Cocci. "It's based on all different types of needs."

The boosts are added to a smoothie and are chosen by customers based on what their needs are for that day. The choices include protein, immune, energy, and fat burner boosts, as well as several others.

"If you were to have a smoothie with a boost everyday, it would have the same effect on you as a daily vitamin would," Cocci says.

The smoothies are created with several types of fruits and either a sorbet or yogurt base, depending on the type of smoothie. Cocci says the option of sorbet is great for people who like the idea of a smoothie but cannot have dairy products; on the other hand, the yogurt-based smoothies are a good source of calcium.

Cocci says she is working with nutritionists to better understand and be able to cater to an individual's nutritional needs when they come into the café.

A goal for the café, says Cocci, is to keep people aware that there are other, more healthy options for meals while vacationing.

"Consider it as an alternative to fast food — like fried clams — on the beach," says Cocci. "We have a nice selection of sandwiches, wraps, and of course smoothies. We appeal to all ages and a variety of people."

Amazon Café is located at 367 Ocean Boulevard, Hampton Beach, and can be reached at 929-0880.