Salem Business Protests Illegal Use of Company Name at Hampton Beach

By Claire Phinney

Atlantic News, Thursday, July 30, 1996

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News.]

A SIGN OF THE TIMES? The Shirt Factory store at Hampton Beach, seen here during an earlier protest over the content of their shirts now faces a fight over their name. [Atlantic News Photo by Tim Turcotte]

HAMPTON -- The recent and on-going controversy involving the sale of T-shirts at The Shirt Factory at Hampton Beach, which contain inflammatory and denigrating writing and graphics about the gay community, has taken an unexpected turn. A firm in Salem, NH, also named The Shirt Factory, issued a news release which The Atlantic News received last Thursday. It was accompanied by a copy of a Certificate of Registration (for the trade name of The Shirt Factory) dated April 20, 1995.

In an interview with Kevin Kennelly, owner of The Shirt Factory, 24 Keewaydin Drive, Salem, we learned that he has instructed his attorney to send a "cease and desist" notice to the Malehs (owners of The Shirt Factory at Hampton Beach). The notice states that they must not use the logo "The Shirt Factory" because it is solely registered to Kennelly.

We are publishing the news release in its entirety, as follows:


"For the record, the trade name The Shirt Factory is registered with the State of New Hampshire to Kevin Kennelly of Salem, N.H. (Certificate of Registration attached). The Shirt Factory, located at 24 Keewaydin Drive in Salem, NH, is not affiliated with, or associated with a business wrongly bearing the same name in Hampton Beach, NH. The Shirt Factory, has initiated legal steps to protect its sole ownership of the name in the State of New Hampshire.

The reputation of The Shirt Factory located in Salem, NH, has unfortunately been wrongly tarnished as a result of the recent controversy involving The Shirt Factory at Hampton Beach and the subsequent media coverage surrounding the ordeal.

"The Shirt Factory, located in Salem, NH, strongly opposes the views and the practices of the owners of The Shirt Factory at Hampton Beach, NH. The Shirt Factory, located in Salem, NH, will take an active role in supporting Carl Beletzer and the organization, Concerned Citizens of the Seacoast in their efforts to bring the situation to a positive resolve."