Putting their foot down on podiatry problems

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By Joyce Corinna

Atlantic News , December 9, 1999

[The following article is courtesy of the Atlantic News ]

Dr. Rosalie Lopresto and Dr. Spiro Drakatos
WALK ON OVER -- You can find Dr. Rosalie Lopresto and Dr. Spiro Drakatos at the
Hampton Podiatry Group at One Park Ave., Suite 2G in Hampton.
[Joyce Corinna photo]

HAMPTON – “Feet are often neglected,” states Dr. Rosalie Lopresto, Podiatrist, in the recently-opened practice, Hampton Podiatry Group at One Park Avenue, Suite 2G in Hampton. She continues, “Something as simple as measuring your foot correctly for the proper shoe is important to good foot hygiene. Always measure your foot from the longest toe.” Lopresto’s partner, Dr. Spiro Drakatos concurs, stating, “Periodic self-exam of your foot along with the proper shoe gear is essential.”

   Drs. Lopresto and Drakatos are medical and surgical foot specialist prepared to hand foot problems from sports medicine injuries to gait abnormalities, heel and arch pain, toenail disorders, bunions, corns, callouses, geriatric and diabetic care. Both from New York, they are excited about their choice of the Seacoast for their base of operations. “We love this area and are looking forward to our new office,” they stated.

   Drs. Lopresto and Drakatos offered some advice for those of us who tend to neglect our feet. They said, “Making sure you clean your feet and dry between your toes is a simple yet effective way of taking care of your feet.” Knowing how to trim your toenails is important as well. Both the doctors are planning a round of free talks at local senior and fitness centers and will be available to answer that question and others, such as what foot type you happen to be? Are you a low arch or high arch?

  To find out what your feet may need as part of good hygiene or to treat an injury or problem, Drs. Lopresto and Drakatos recommend evaluation. “We stress prevention; however;“ they said, “We are prepared to treat all  your foot problems with a combination physical therapy and other modalitities, such as gait correct, footwear, ultra sound, medication and surgery.”

When asked about children’s foot care, Dr. Drakatos said, “Common among children are warts, in-grown toenails, and bio-mechanical disorders, such as flat feet and sports injuries. Wearing trendy footwear as children, may lead to symptoms in the future that require specialized treatment.” Dr. Lopresto went on to say that “The best shoe gear is no shoe gear; however, when purchasing footwear, go for quality.”

For those of us who rely on our feet to be there for us, it seems that help has arrived in the Hampton area in the form of the Hampton Podiatry Group, where “gentle, caring, family foot care is provided because you should not have foot pain.” Call the office at 926-1101 for an appointment. Their office is open 6 days per week, with evening schedules available.

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