This Is Not Your Father's Pool

Modern Pool Care Systems Let You Spend More Time Relaxing

A Special Supplement to the Atlantic News

January 22, 1998

Hampton, New Hampshire
MORE TIME TO PLAY! -- Shannon and Kristin know that Bioguard products let them and their parents have more time to play in the pool, rather than cleaning it. Inquire at Florida Casual to find out how you can get a free Bioguard towel today!
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HAMPTON -- It used to be, maybe a couple of decades ago, that when you admitted to others that you owned a pool, they would chuckle. "You mean, doesn't the pool own you?"

Now, with BioGuards chlorine or SoftSwim (non-chlorine) 3-Step program that is as easy as 1-2-3 or A-B-C. Florida Casual can help you determine which program will better fit your needs.

Every pool is different. In fact, so is the water that is used to fill pools. The only way to determine exactly what your pool needs is to take all the facts into consideration. Luckily Florida Casual is the expert when it comes to finding out what your pool needs to keep it clean, safe and fun to swim in.

All you need to do is take a sample of your pool water in for a professional water analysis. Florida Casual can then give you a personalized prescription just for your pool. That means less guesswork and less work for you.

Because water remains in your pool for long periods of time, it must be treated to stay clean, at-tractive and enjoyable.

Here are the two main requirements for keeping your pool in shape:

Proper Filtration

Pool water must be circulated and filtered. If your filter doesn't operate properly, neither will the products you add to keep it clean and clear.

Make sure the filtration/circulation system is in clean operating order and runs long enough each day.

In summer, operate the system a minimum of 10 hours a day.

Proper Maintenance

The three basic steps in routine maintenance are: Step 1, sanitize to kill bacteria continuously; Step 2, remove wastes to make the water sparkling clear; and Step 3, prevent algae growth.

Florida Casual simplifies this treatment with the easy 3-Step Program for pool care. In addition, the pool should be kept clean by vacuuming, brushing the sides and emptying the skimmer basket. It may surprise you, but the water your drink may not be fit for your pool.

Tap water can have high or low pH and mineral levels the can harm your pool.

Improper levels of pH and mineral can prevent pool treatments from doing their job. Not to mention damaging your pool and its equipment with stains, scale and corrosion.

So even if you fill your pool from the tap, it will need to be chemically balanced.

It's a good idea to have your water balanced at the beginning of the pool season, or when it is initially filled. Then have it checked once a month during the summer.

Florida Casual can determine what your pool needs by performing a FREE computerized water analysis on your pool water.

The most important pool test is pH. A low pH indicates. too much acidity. This causes chlorine to be used up quickly and leads to corrosion of equipment and damage pool surfaces. High pH slows sanitize effectiveness. This causes cloudy water and scale formation on equipment and surfaces.

With chlorine, your pool also need to be stabilized. BioGuard stabilizer is a chemical that prevents loss of chlorine by the sun's rays. Because BioGuard offers stabilized chlorine, a separate stabilizer is only necessary when the pool is drained and refilled.

Now that your pool is balanced you can move on to the BioGuard 3-Step Program for regular pool maintenance that is best for you.