New Flag Business Is Flying High

By Jon Phillips

Atlantic News, February 14, 1995

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News.]

WHICH COUNTRY DO YOU PREFER? -- Dave Cecchi, owner of Flags Unlimited on Route One in Hampton, arranges an assortment of desk-sized flags on the countertop at his recently-opened flag store.
[Atlantic News Photo by Jon Phillips]

HAMPTON -- The wind is really wailing outside and the brand new flag you just purchased is wrapped around its pole and now it looks more like a knotted mess than the Star Spangled Banner. What can you do? Take a trip down to Flags Unlimited, located on Route One in Hampton, and owner Dave Cecchi can set you up with a fail-safe device -- his unwrapper pole system.

"It's a pole set-up that doesn't allow the flag to wrap around the pole," he said. "I came up with it about five years ago, and it makes flying flags so much more enjoyable."

Right now, the unwrapper pole system is available at half-price with the purchase of a flag as part of Cecchi's grand opening special.

"Business has been really good considering I opened the store in the middle of winter," Cecchi said. "Actually, it's been a little better than I expected."

In addition to the innovative pole set-up, Cecchi offers an assortment of brackets including an adjustable one.

"It's really important to get the flag at the proper angle," he said. "Nothing could be better than to let the flag fly free."

He also has everything from message flags to U.S. flags to dog flags to make use of the unwrapper pole, and adjustable bracket system.

'The dogs have been selling like crazy," Cecchi said of the brightly colored flags emblazened with various labs and retrievers.

He also has an extensive collection of historic flags.

"We have everything from Gadsden to Bunker Hill," Cecchi said. "We have all different countries as well."

A specialty of Cecchi's store is his custom work. He can design your flag and have it to you in a week or less "most of the time."

"We have a lot of different price ranges and qualities," he said. "You can get the 500 Mercedes or the 190 Mercedes."

No matter what your wind accessory needs are, Flags Unlimited is sure to be able to provide it. Stop down today and let Dave Cecchi set you up.