New Allergy Test Offered by Hampton Laboratory

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New Hampshire Business Review, January 4, 1999

Reprinted with permission of the New Hampshire Business Review

Exeter-Hampton Diagnostics of Hampton has become the first lab in the Northeast to offer Phadiatop allergy testing to a widespread population.

EHD, a state-licensed lab, has been offering allergy testing since 1985. Phadiatop testing is expected to revolutionize allergy diagnosis, and regional physicians will now be able to easily access this diagnostic tool, the firm says.

Using Phadiatop, costly, time-consuming skin tests are no longer required. Primary care physicians can confirm the presence or absence of allergies with one blood test. Since allergy symptoms are similar to those of many other ailments, such as the common cold, Phadiatop will be an invaluable diagnostic aid, according to EDH. It will enable physicians to get to the cause of patient discomfort faster, thereby ensuring better health care and more efficient use of physician's time.

According to Pharmacia & Upjohn, developers of Phadiatop, rhinitis (runny nose), eczema, sinus trouble, hives, asthma, conjunctivitis, headaches and stomach upset can all be caused by allergies. It can be difficult for even an experienced physician to tell the difference. Millions of Americans suffer needless discomfort due to undiagnosed allergies. Work time is lost, productivity reduced and quality of life impaired. With proper diagnosis and treatment, much of this can be avoided, as allergies usually can be controlled with medication, environmental or behavioral modifications or immunizations.

Phadiatop testing also yields fast answers, according to Christy Baker, a respiratory care practitioner and lab manager at EHD. Baker said physicians can have the results in 24 to 48 hours, and begin appropriate treatment accordingly.

She said studies by Pharmacia & Upjohn show that the overall efficiency rate of Phadiatop is up to 98 percent. This is based on research comparing Phadiatop results with clinical diagnosis using patient history and skin tests.

"Phadiatop is an especially helpful diagnostic tool with children," says Baker. "They no longer have to go through the pain and discomfort of skin tests. One simple blood draw and it's all over. Parents and physicians can now diagnose allergies in children more easily, knowing they don't have to put them through skin tests."

Said Baker: "Hopefully, physicians will take advantage of this important diagnostic tool. Phadiatop will be a significant aid to every physician, from general practitioners to pediatricians to internists -- the list goes on and on. One simple blood draw, and within 24 hours you will know whether you are dealing with allergic symptoms or not."

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