Photo World: A Perfect Picture of Service

By Steven Tobias

Atlantic News, April 23, 1996

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News.]

FROM EMPLOYEE TO OWNER -- Eric Van Blake is ready to help you with all of your photographic needs when when you come into Photo World
[Atlantic News Photo by Steven Tobias]

HAMPTON -- On November 20 1995 Eric Van Blake went from working as an employee of Photo World, located at 852 Lafayette Road, to becoming the owner/manger of the eight year-old business. With a background in business and the visual arts, the operation seemed a perfect match for his skills.

Like many young entrepreneurs, Eric took a chance and bought the business when the opportunity was offered to him. In his own words, he decided to "go for it."

Photo World is a relatively small business (for now) and Eric is intimately involved with every aspect of it. Therefore, he is able to offer his customers a level of service that is superior to that provided by larger, less personal development operations.

Eric characterizes his hands-on attitude towards business in this way: "We specialize in customer service; making sure the customer gets exactly what they need and is informed so they can make the right decision....They are always assured of getting the highest quality result."

In addition to offering one hour development services, Photo World also processes slides, copies videotape and provides digital imaging services - yes, you can have those unwanted folks digitized right out of your otherwise perfect pictures!

Eric also stocks a wide selection of frames and albums. His goal is to help photographers though every stage of their hobby - from purchasing flash batteries to selecting the ideal frame for a favorite picture.

And if you like the photographs that appear in this humble publication, thank Eric. Yes, he is our exclusive film processor. We like his work and you will, too.

When visiting Eric for all your photographic needs, be sure to notice the colorful and imaginative stencils that adorn the walls of Photo World were all done by Eric's wife Christina, who is an active local artist.