Shaw Block & Merrill Block

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Hampton's Largest Commercial Block

Hampton Union, Thursday, April 17, 1958

Downer Block 1958
HAMPTON'S LARGEST COMMERCIAL BLOCK changed hands this week as title to the Downer (originally called SHAW BLOCK) block at the corner of Lafayette Road and High Street was transferred to Alexander and Norma Finan of Homestead Circle, Hampton. Mr. Finan has already broken ground for the construction of the new Hampton National Bank and has future modernization plans for the rest of the buildings to tie in with the bank architecture. [A Staff Photo from the newspaper]

Other businesses in the Shaw Block starting at the right hand side of the photo are "Downer Appliance Store," 471 Lafayette Road, George S. Downer, Prop. To the left of Downer's is the "Sugar 'N Spice Pastry Shoppe," Maurice J. Lavigne, Prop., "catering to year round residents & summer visitors" at 473 Lafayette Road.

Going around the corner on High Street is "Ray F. Lufkin, Watch repair" at 3 High Street. Next door at 3 ½ High Street, is "The Quixy Snack Bar." Then there is "Hunt's Accounting Service," Herbert E. Hunt, Prop., at 5 High Street. Also at 5 High Street, is the office of George Simonds, "Dentist." At #7 High Street is the "Cottage Wash Shop" and "The Gay Shop, Gifts," at 9 High Street, and Edwin G. Towne, "Hampton Shoe Repairing" at #9R High Street.

Going east on High Street is the large building, the Merrill Block, with "Roger's of Hampton, Inc." at #11 High Street, a clothing store. Next in the Merrill Block is the Looking Glass Coiffures at #17 High Street and the Beau Reve Beauty Salon at #19 High Street.

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