Other Elected and Appointed Town Officials On January 1, 1988

Official Souvenir Program Book

January 1 - December 31, 1988

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Representatives to the General Court
Beverly A. Hollingworth
Kenneth W Malcolm
Ednapearl F. Parr
E. Jane Walker

State Senator
Robert F. Preston

Beach Commissioners
Chairman: David J. Witham
Mary Loughlin
Terry Sullivan

Town Clerk
Jane Kelley

Collector of Taxes
Lewis W. Brown

Wilson P. Dennett

Cemetery Trustees
Chairman: Roland W. Paige
Walter Davis, Jr.
Ronald A. Remick

Charter Commission
Chairman: Louisa Woodman
K. Melody Dahl
Glyn P. Eastman
Peter Janetos
Robert V. Lessard
Ashton 1. Norton
Jon Williams
Mary-Louise Woolsey

Library Trustees

Catherine B. Anderson
Dorothy M. Little
Arthur J. Moody
Barbara Reger-Ryan
Judith Straw
Martha C. Williams

H. Alfred Casassa

Municipal Budget Committee
Chairman: Mary-Louise Woolsey
Charles Burlington
Robert C. Casazza
Sheila T. Francoeur
Ellen D. Goethel
Lee Hurst
Sharleene P. Hurst
Kenneth W. Malcolm
Paul R. Nersesian
John J. Nickerson
Sandra L. Nickerson
L. Charles Thayer
Elizabeth Weinhold
Cathleen E. Mark
John Lessard
Terry Sullivan

Planning Board
Chairman: Daniel B. Coughlin
Jane E. Cameron
Owen 0. Carter
Frank J. Chiaramitaro
Peter B. Olney
John R. Walker
Ray A. Whitcomb

School District Officers
Moderator: Richard W Bateman
Treasurer: Wilson P. Dennett
Clerk: Sharleene P. Hurst

School Board Members
Chairman: B. Jane Walker
Cathleen E. Mark
Irene McCain
M. Eileen McEachern
John F. Woodburn

Supervisors of the Checklist
Chairman: Minnie E. Philbrook
Carol N. McCarthy
Charlotte K. Preston

Trustees of Trust Funds
Chairman: Robert V. Lessard
John J. Kelley
Arthur J. Moody

Zoning Board of Adjustment
Chairman: Dr. Henry J. Stonie
Kevin A. Lonergan
Curtis C. McCrady
Wendell Ring, Jr.
Richard W True

School District Superintendent
Dr. Norman C. Katner

Hampton Police Department
Chief Robert E. Mark
Deputy Dennis Pelletier
Deputy William Wrenn

Hampton Fire Department
Chief William H. Sullivan
Deputy Anthony B. Chouinard

Hampton Public Works Department
Director: John R. Hangen
Operations Manager: James R. Smith
Operations Foreman:
John Furbush

Building Inspector
Ray Hutchinson
Assistant: Neil D. Gadwah

Town Librarian
William H. Teschek

Recreation and Parks Department
Director: Susan Clay DeMarco
Assistant: Joy Page

Welfare Officer
Carolyn Brewster

Conservation Commission
Chairman: Peter B. Tilton, Jr.
William Barkley
James H. Clifford
Claire Dumaine
Nelson B. Grant
Margaret S. Lawrence
Irene Palmer
Bicentennial Commission on the United States Constitution
Chairman: Gerald A. McConnell
Harold E. Fernald, Jr.
Dana R. Janetos
Kenneth Murphy
Roland W. Paige

Highway Safety Committee
Chairman: Roger Syphers
Kenneth Hollingworth
John J. Kelley
William Stickney
Peggy Williams

Gregory Heyn

Hampton History Book Committee
Chairman: Tracy Emerick
Alfred H. Carlson
Wilfred Cunningham
Charles Forbes
Glen French
Robert Gabriel
James K. Hunt
Gerald A. McConnell
Ansell W Palmer
Peter E. Randall

Industrial Development Committee
Chairman: George Wall
Bruce A. Barnaby
Daniel B. Coughlin
Stephen Ells
Sheila T. Francoeur
Dona R. Janetos
Robert L. Morgan
Philip G. Richards

Mosquito Control Commission
Chairman: Steven B. Bauer
Ann W. Kaiser
Ruth G. Stimson

Recreation/Community Center Study
Chairman: George Grimbilis
Co-Chairman: Arthur Brady
Co-Chairman: Michael Edgar
Peter W. Burness

Ralph Colliander
Eleanor Dawson
Glyn P. Eastman
George Hardardt
Richard Walsh

Representatives to the Rockingham Planning Commission
Judith A. Doyle
John R. Hangen
Gerald A. McConnell

Municipal Records Committee
Chairman: Arthur J. Moody
Harold B. Fernald, Jr.
Helen W. Hayden
Helen Hobbs
Jane Kelley
Laura MacLean
William H. Teschek

Real Estate Commission
Chairman: Peter Janetos
Raymond Alie
Hollis Blake
Seth Junkins
John S. Vogr

Recreation Advisory Council
Chairman: Paul Buell
Gloria Auger
Andrea Byrum
Jane Cameron
Eleanor Dawson
Susan Clay DeMarco
Glyn P. Eastman
Ramona Fraser
George Grimbilis
Sally Hersom
Charles Hodson
Marcia Hodson
Pam Rush
Kristen Tanzer
Richard Walsh

Shade Tree Commission
Chairman: Roland W. Paige
Virginia Blake
Susan B. Tremblay

Southeast Regional Solid Waste District Representatives
John R. Hangen
Kenneth W. Malcolm
Ansell W. Palmer

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