Committees for the Hampton, N.H. 325th Celebration

Hampton's 325th Anniversary, 1638 - 1963

General Committee
Mr. Harold Fernald
Mr. William Elliot
Mr. Richard Ladd
Mrs. Dorothy Murphy
Mr. Stillman Hobbs
Mr. Edward S. Seavey, Jr.
Mr. John Weatherby

Family Field Day
Mr. Richard Ladd
Mr. William Carroll
Mr. Leo Morrissette
Mr. Willliam Russell
Mrs.Alfred Carlson
Miss Paula White
Mr. Irving Campbell

Marsh Conservation Park
Miss Ruth Stimson
Mr.Donald Dunbrack
Mr. Floyd Potter
Mrs. Richard Waters
Mrs. Margaret Lawrence
Dr. Harold Pierson
Mr. Raymond Downer

North Side Park
Mrs. Donald Murphy

Sea Shore Park
Mrs. Ralph Nutter
Miss Ruth Stimson
Mrs. Louise Batchelder
Mrs. Mimi Waters
Mrs. Leslie Partridge
Mrs. Velma Hansen
Miss Beatrice Barnard
Mrs. Gladys Fernald
Mrs. Pauline Stimson
Mrs. Harriet Hannon

Historical Day
Mr. Arthur Johnson
Mr. Stillman Hobbs
Mrs. Leonard S. Hayden
Mr. John Weatherby
Mrs. Walter S. Noyes

Square Dance Committee
Mr. Ansell Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Long
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sanborn
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Corson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Stebbins
Mr. and Mrs. Allan E. Seavey
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Soule
Mr. Phillip Hambleton
Miss Barbara Hartson
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Bardwell
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest N. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Emery Swan
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Barr
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Shapleigh
Mr. and Mrs. Ansell Palmer
Mrs. Malcolm Haden
Caller:Mr. Malcolm Hayden

Mr. and Mrs. Stillman Hobbs

Mr. William I. Elliot

Mr. John C. Emery

300th Anniversary Movies
Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Higgins

Historical Markers
Mr. Harold Fernald
Mrs. Leonard S. Hayden

Physical Arrangements
Mr. Ralph Osgood
Mr. Homer Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop Story

Church Day
Mr. John Weatherby

Mrs. Margaret T. Barry
Mrs. Jewell Brown
Mrs. Irene Burnham
Mrs. Gladys Carpenter
Mrs. Leonna Gambole
Mrs. Helen Hobbs
Mrs. Dorothy Murphy
Mrs. Bernice Palmer
Mrs. Vrylena Olney
Mrs. Winthrop Story
Mrs. Dorothy Tobey
Miss Christine White

Mrs. Doris Fernald
Mrs. Barbara Emery
Mrs. Priscilla Fernald

Supper Committee Hostesses
Mrs. Hazel B. Coffin
Mrs. William T. Barry
Mrs. Ansell Palmer
Mrs. Howard Danner, Jr.
Mrs. Robert O. Brown
Mrs. Edwin L. Batchelder
Mrs. Winslow White
Mrs. Lester Tobey
Mrs. Leonard Hayden
Mrs. Elisabeth Hammond
Mrs. Margaret Wingate
Mrs. Olive Brooks
Mrs. Maynard MacLean

Patrons List
Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Dewey
Mrs. Olive Ring
Mrs. Anna Elwell
Mrs. Herbert Casassa
Mrs. Beatrice Mason
Mrs. Hazel Coffin
Mrs. Margaret Meneghin
Mrs. Irene Burnham
Mrs. Harry Trees
Mrs. Helen Hobbs

Historical Booklet Material
Mr. Harold Fernald

Historical Booklet Arrangements
Mr. Edward S. Seavey, Jr.
Mr. Vernon Dennett
Mr. Roland Paige
Mr. William Halliday

Little School House
Mr. Alan Towle

Attic Auction
Mr. Ronald Bourgeault

Police Dog Exhibition
Mr. Paul Leavitt

Tuck Museum Arrangements
Mrs. Edwin Batchelder

Supper Committee
Members of the Congregational Church Guild
Mrs. Robert Simons
Mrs. Vernon Dennett
Mrs. Winthrop Savage
Mrs. Arnold Palmer
Mrs. Roger Blake
Mrs. Carl Lougee
Mrs. Charles Witcomb
Mrs. William White
Mrs. Geroge Sumner
Mrs. Frederick Chadbourn

Miss Joanie Simons
Miss Sharon Sumner
Miss Paula White
Miss Dorothy White
Miss Elsa Simons
Miss Susan Chadbourn
Miss Eileen Spellacy
Miss Sharon Spellacy
Miss Paula Nersesian
Miss Linda Paras

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