1938 Hampton Tercentenary Photos

Photos taken around town in 1938, Hampton's 300th Anniversary

By the Colt Family - David Sr., David Jr., Barbara

"A Colt Photo"

[Courtesy the Colt Family]

Tercentenary Letterhead
Standing l.to r.: Unknown, Merrill Smith, Bill Elliot,
Stan Brown & Bill Holman; Front, l. to r.:
Shirley Brown, Jackie Cate,
Gwendolyn Joubert, Gail Janvrin
  Tercentenary Church Service in Pantomine
Church service in pantomine
William D. Holman, presiding.
  Depot Square 1938
Depot Square &
Boston & Maine Railroad Depot
  Depot Square in winter
Depot Square in winter
  Burke's Diner
Burke's Diner
Lafayette Road
Burke's Diner ad
Burke's Diner ad from August 25, 1938 Hampton Union
  Odd Fellows and 'Cogger Block'
Odd Fellows Block/Hampton Diner/First National Store
Fearer's Shoe Store/Johnston's Restaurant
  Lane Memorial Library
Lane Memorial Library
  Fire Station and Legion Hall in 1938
Fire Station No. 2 and
American Legion Post 35 hall.
Old Hampton Academy in background.
  Hampton Center Garage
Hampton Center Garage on right.
Railroad water tower in rear.
  Lamies Tavern/Goody Cole Room
"Goody" Cole Room & Lamie's Tavern looking north.
Hampton Center Garage at left.
  Hampton Center in 1938
Left to right: Rand's, Marelli's,
Hampton Water Works, Colt News Store.
  Hampton Center looking south.
Looking south, Odd Fellows Block
in background, Town Clock in steeple.
  Hampton Centre School - 1938
Hampton Centre School
  Hampton Beach Casino and Ocean House
Hampton Beach Casino with Ocean House at right.
  Young Puritans on the Green
l to r: Gwendolyn Joubert, Gail Janvrin,
Huey Janvrin, Jackie Cate.
  A Puritan in the stocks.
Phyllis Tucker in the stocks as "Goody" Cole. Jackie & Peter Brooks, Mrs. G. Roland Janvrin, Eleanor Palmer, Alta Gillmore, & Shirlie Adele Arnold. Jackie & Peter are Natalie Brooks' cousins. Their father is John W. R. Brooks, the Moderator. Natalie's father is John's brother, David.
Natalie Brooks, Barbara Colt, Ruth Aquizap, Shirley Arnold
  Eleanor Palmer and Shirley Arnold
Eleanor Palmer & Shirley Arnold on Meeting House Green
  Interior of Congregational Church
Interior of First Congregational Church with Dean B. Merrill holding tithing rod.
  First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church of Hampton
  1st Congregational Church
First Congregational Church of Hampton
1638 - 1938
  Hampton Academy steeple
Hampton Academy steeple
coming down, 1940
  Hampton Town Hall in 1938
Hampton Town Hall
1797 -- 1949
'Miss Hampton' float
1938 "Miss Hampton" float in front of Ashworth Hotel
Model of Hampton Academy
Model of Hampton Academy
  Aerial view of Hampton Beach in 1930
Aerial view of Hampton Beach
  Drama of Winnacunnet
"Drama of Winnacunnet" pageant in daytime.
  Drama of Winnacunnet
"Drama of Winnacunnet" pageant at nighttime.
Drama of Winnacunnet
"Drama of Winnacunnet" pageant at nighttime.
  Tuck Athletic Field and Baseball diamond
Tuck Athletic Field
  Founder's Park
Founder's Park
  Founder's Park and Stephen Bachiler stone
Founder's Park and Memorial Boulder
  Log Cabin replica
Log Cabin replica on Meeting House Green
Shirley Adele Arnold
Shirley Adele Arnold
Bill Elliot town crier
Bill Elliot town crier
Boys in stocks
Boys in stocks
Standing - Wilson Dennett, Harvey Elliot, Merrill Smith, John Ellis, Bill Elliott. Wayne Elliot in stocks
Standing - Wilson Dennett, Harvey Elliot, Merrill Smith, John Ellis, Bill Elliott. Wayne Elliot in stocks
Tercentenary church goers
Tercentenary church service